A Hypocrite Writes

I am a cry from beyond the pale. I have spent all my driving years reining in my hooligan element and, for much of the time, it has been my personal circumstances, rather than my self-control, that have prevented me from totally inappropriate purchases.

Image : carmagazine.co.uk

The first Audi RS6 Avant really fulfilled a long-held fantasy for a big, very fast, estate car, marrying the hooner with the homely. Lately, the AMG C63 Estate has taken my fancy, and I now see that they have produced a more powerful version, addressing the problem of the standard model’s woefully inadequate 451 bhp.

Really, how long will this go on – and how interested should I really be? In Europe at least, there are no places that you can use more than a small percentage of this power, legally or illegally, except maybe for 8 seconds at 05.17 on a Sunday morning. And why would you anyway – the TGV is still faster? Wanting to own it so that ‘you could if you wanted to’ is similar to me telling you I’d like a Glock G21 pistol, so that ‘I could if I wanted to’. And the sort of boardroom decisions that produce these wet-dream fests would be frowned on by, say, the most immoral pharmaceutical companies.

Manufacturers! You offer these things to the likes of me and, because they come from long-established industrial institutions, staffed by respectable family people, it seems reasonable to me to want one. If you were standing on a dark street corner, touting your wares out of the corner of your mouth, I’d see you for what you are. Just moderate yourselves, before someone else does.

Well, it seemed a good idea at the time.
Well, it seemed a good idea at the time.

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