The Alternative Great Car Chase

Bullitt, The Italian Job, Ronin, Goldfinger ….

The list of ‘Great Car Chases on Film’ is generally pretty predictable but, if you look further, you might find this :

Tatra Chase
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A fabulous car, a skilled and brave driver, even braver passengers and a dysfunctional narrative.  What more could you want?

One thought on “The Alternative Great Car Chase”

  1. The very competent driver is Czech motorcycle and car racer Jaroslav Pavelka. One wonders who this costly film was supposed to impress in 60s Czechoslovakia, where the car chose you, rather than the other way round. Of course there was the possibility of export to other Comecon countries. Although probably flattered by the driver’s skill, there is a tidiness to the car’s behaviour which suggests that the somewhat evil reputation of its predecessors had been addressed. I became greatly infatuated with the 603 when I visited Czechoslovakia in the early 80s, though all the ones I saw seemed to be in businesslike black, not the cheery pastel 2 tones of this film. Lack of funds and the idea of impenetrable bureaucracy meant that I took my desire no further. Seeing this makes me wish I had since, now, Tatras are deservedly in demand and correspondingly pricey.

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