Good Laird!

Next up: the Five Star Benz. ‘cos more is always better, y’know?

Good Laird!
Starz in their eyes!

Author: Christopher Butt

car design critic // runs // contributes to The Road Rat magazine // writes a column for Octane France //

7 thoughts on “Good Laird!”

  1. The Benz bonnet-mounted star is one of those guilty pleasures, forever reminding you what you are driving as you storm down the autobahn. Any bonnet mascot has a certain old-fashioned haughtiness, but the Benz one more than others. Unfortunately, over the past few years, Mercedes decided that, whereas some appreciated it, some of their more youthful and sporty clientele didn’t want one. Their indecision was most obvious in the C Class where some trim variants qualified, and others didn’t. Here though is a coupe driving punter who yearns for traditional values. Jolly good! Go on Kris, you know you want a leaper really!

  2. Back in my boarding school days, I would go out of my way to secure the services of one particular taxi driver, because he still used a W123 diesel (the “shifting sand dune”, as it was known on these shores). One of the pleasures involved in this choice of chauffeured motoring was indeed the proud star on the bonnet, the view of which wasn’t obscured in any way whatsoever.

    I guess I should make that leap of faith, Sean, I know. But where do I stop once I start augmenting my automobile? With the addition of a Daimler grille? Wire wheels? Chrome wheel arch trim? Or those oh so practical rubbing strips?

  3. Kris. I’m a great believer that, if you invest in a car, put it where you can see it – not the passers by. So a leaper on the bonnet, yes, but otherwise you’re on the inside, not the outside, so I recommend a trip to Jag You R Us who specialise in those essential internals that will return the proper Olde Heritage look to any Jag. Possibly a matching Bill Heynes and Bob Knight photo portrait Speedo and Rev Counter set. Possibly genuine faux Jaguar pelt seatcovers. A chrome horn ring embellisher of course. And Ian Callum floormats, to put that talentless pretender’s face where it belongs.

  4. You know, it really isn’t that bad compared to what people can do to Mercedes. I didn’t notice it at first and in my imagination the star was put there upon special request of the elderly female customer- she most familiar with the brand and disappointed that her new model didn’t come with the badge that she always used to judge how far from the wall of the garage she can park the car (cannot really hear those little beeps very well). Perhaps it is the sensibly sized wheels and traditional colour that make me think this way- if so I forgive her!

    1. This month at Jag You R Us ©, we have even more for the more discerning Jaguar owner/enthusiast and for the first time, you can now bring the Jaguar experience into your own home! We are extremely proud to present the brand new Wappenbury Collection. A range of authentic homewares from exquisite cut glass, Sterling silver giftware and bone china tableware, to our 100% British cotton tea towel and oven glove set, which is especially good value this Spring.

      The acclaimed Glen Lyon 15-year old Single Malt is now available in three very special limited editions:

      The Glen Callum Select Reserve is an extremely confident, elegant whisky presented in an incredibly disciplined and very beautiful cut glass bottle.

      The Bob Knight Vintage Reserve is a refined and smooth whisky with a satisfyingly smoky finish. The bottle is a work in progress – it’s not quite finished yet. Any day now. If he’ll let us have it. We’ll just have to see…

      The Norman Dewis Signature Reserve is a more pronounced, feistier whisky that belies its stature. Presented in a more compact, less ostentatious bottle, the Norman Dewis Signature Reserve will last well beyond anyone’s expectations.

      We are also delighted to be able to offer our members a special collector’s Geoff Lawson S-Type Edition Mature Bourbon. This limited edition 12 year-old blend is presented in a retro-themed bottle with authentic rubbing strips and gratuitous side creases. Order yours today!

      We now stock the full Jag You R Us © range, including Majestic Vintage Port, Sovereign Smoked Salmon, MKVII Vintage Cheddar and the exclusive Double Six Knitwear collection.

      Jag You R Us © – for everything Jaguar – and more.

  5. My gosh, I’ve come across a fair deal of snobbery and pedantry in my time as an editor, but it appears that DTW is going to be fertile ground for such vices! Anyway, not for me to comment, I am only your humble servant but, back in my prime, it was a matter of pride to embellish one’s vehicle, were it Austin 7 or Bentley.

    On the Jaguar front, speaking personally with Mother’s Day imminent, I was very tempted to present my old dear with the ‘Grace, Space and Pace Collection’. Comprising 25ml bottles of Ian Callum, Bob Knight and Norman Dewis, together with a Lofty England Signature Numbered Edition Hip Flask, this seemed the ideal thing for her. I was, however, aghast to read a correspondent on ‘The World’s Best Car Magazine’ site informing me that the entire Jag You R Us © collection of Highland Malts are, in fact, from the LIDL ‘Foc-Us!’ bargain range of spirits, relabelled. This is not Scotch Whisky, but Scottish Whisky, distilled in India and bottled in Scotland. I was shocked. Why don’t I get that level of incisive reporting from you lot?

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