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April’s Theme : The Editor’s Photo Introduction

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Cute. A word derived from acute, therefore originally suggesting someone (generally female) who was quick witted, has ended up, in United Kingdom English at least, more usually suggesting someone or something that is attractive, but in a rather dainty or childish sort of way. When applied to a person, it suggests a distinct lack of seriousness and, when applied to a car, the situation is no better. So do we want cute cars? Well, for the traditional, stereotypical male ‘petrolhead’, whose choice of motor says as much about what happens below his waist as above, a cute car is unlikely to cut the mustard, unless it’s a gift to keep the little lady sweet. But we at DTW are not like that – well at least the Lads aren’t being, of course, hardened metrosexuals.

We may be at ease with ourselves and feel that we can embrace cute, but should we?  On the one hand, one can propose that cuteness defuses a situation; how can one ever commit road rage whilst driving a puce Nissan Micra convertible?  But one can also propose that a veneer of cuteness just disguises what remains a serious and potentially deadly piece of engineering.  Also, what exactly are the parameters for cuteness?  If it is both small and pink it is usually cute, but these aren’t the only requirements and, indeed, not everything small or pink is necessarily cute – stop sniggering at the back!  Below you will find a small gallery.  Some of the objects are, without doubt, cute.  Some might be and some, quite definitely, are not, despite possessing some of the relevant qualities of cuteness.

Can cute be a good thing? Answers on a scented postcard please.

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