Theme : Cute – Farewell, My Cutie

“My Velma. She’s cute as lace pants”.

Figaro 02

Cute. I’d been hearing it a lot that day. Moose Molloy’s gaze shifted towards the window and his expression changed slowly. It was like watching a landscape erode but, after that eternity had passed, there was a big lake of a smile rippling across his face and, somehow, I knew I was going to hear that C word again.

“Hey Marlowe, is that cute pink Figaro outside yours?”

A guy like Moose was big enough not to need to humiliate you with your choice of wheels, but I thought it best to offer him some clarification.

“The Buick’s in the garage, That’s the only courtesy car they had. Some courtesy eh?”

“Look Mister, show it some respect. My Velma loves those Nissans. Hey, you ain’t got her out there have you?”

After five minutes I calmed down Moose enough for him to put me back on the floor. Another five and I’d convinced him I’d do my damndest to find his Velma. Then I was back in the Figaro wondering whether it was better to drive with my neck bent or to open the roof and have half of Hollywood Boulevard’s low-lifes laughing at me. After some thought, I decided to book an appointment with my chiropractor for next week.


Back in my office I rang Larry at the garage.

“How’s the Buick”

“Still waiting on spares Marlowe”

“That lady’s roller skate you loaned me. What do you know about them?”

“It’s a K Car”

“Don’t give me the runaround Larry, I know a K Car. That heap of Chrysler junk you tried selling me back in the Eighties was a K Car. That pink piglet is no K Car”

“No Marlowe it’s K-E-I, Kei. It’s a Jap car”

“So, if I’m singular enough to want to find more of them, where do I go looking?”

“Search me buddy, I just took it in exchange and I can’t find a buyer. Too cute I guess. The guy you need to talk to is Murphy in Traffic Homicide. He knows every set of wheels in LA”


The fat cop with the big nose eyed me. He came closer, until he was too close and all I could see was nose. The nose twitched like jello and a thick tongued voice came from behind it.

“Are you wearing scented moisturizer Marlowe?”

“Maybe I just sweat more politely than you do, flatfoot”

He moved quickly for a fat guy and his fist hit my jaw before I could ride the blow.

“Always the wiseacre Marlowe. You really should be more respectful if you’re asking favors. Still, if that skirt you’re looking for has a taste for Figaros, you might like to take a look up on Mulholland next Tuesday. Ten at night they get together and bring their rides. Mostly hookers who think they’re actresses and pansies, but likely you’ll find her. And your pal Larry gave you a bum steer. A Figaro ain’t no damn Kei car, it’s too damn big.  Laugh away fellow, but I’ve seen all those sick little bastards – Keis, Pike Factory, French Microcars …. why, I even saw a Fiat Jolly and a Bond Bug there last year. I could go on.”

He could indeed have gone on, but he might just as well have been talking in Japanese. His flabby gaze turned to the Figaro.

“A cute guy like you should fit in perfect, gumshoe”.

As I walked away, Murphy called after me and there was a change in his tone that almost chilled me. It was concern.

“Hey Marlowe. You take care now”

Back in the Nissan I checked my bleeding lip in the vanity mirror. It wasn’t so bad.


The next Tuesday night I took Fig up to Mulholland. I was getting worried. I’d never called a car by a pet name before. Not only that but Larry had called in the morning to say the Buick was still waiting for parts. Somehow I hadn’t been disappointed.

It was a warm night and I had the top down. A kid in a fancy hot-rod came up behind me. Normally I’d have gunned the Roadmaster’s straight eight and given him a run, but I just waved him past. I felt my face twitch in an unaccustomed way. I realized I was smiling. This was strange.

It wasn’t hard to find them, they were in a lot just off Mulholland and you could hear the sound of Abba for half a mile. I parked Fig next to her double, only finished in a nice shade of baby blue. I took my .38 out of the glove locker and went to tuck it into my waist, only I’d forgotten that the flared silver boogie pants I’d bought earlier in the day were elasticated. I put the piece back in the locker and crossed my fingers. They seemed a harmless bunch, but those ones can be the most dangerous.

I like to consider myself what the French call a Homme Du Monde, even if my world is one that no Frenchman might recognize. But the sight that met my eyes was one that neither my eyes nor I had experienced before. There were over fifty of the things, I could hardly call them automobiles, and not one of them wouldn’t have fitted into my back pocket, had the boogie pants possessed such a thing.  Most of them wouldn’t have looked out of place on the top of a wedding cake.

A blonde came up to me. She was ….. cute.

“Hi, you’re new ain’t you? Is that Figaro yours? Mine’s the blue one, they call it …. Pale Aqua.”

The way her lips mouthed the name of the color made it sound kind of dirty, but nice at the same time.

“Oh My God, where did you get your tires? I wanted new whitewalls but my guy couldn’t find them in the right size. Hey, have you seen Jimmy’s S-Cargo. Ain’t it just the cutest?”

That word again. What were these people? I thought I’d met them all – pimps, bosses, whores, politicians, mobsters, dopers. I’d been to reefer parties and opium joints but I’d never heard laughter like this. As they wandered round looking at these strange devices they actually sounded happy. I turned to the blonde.

“Say, would your name be Velma by any fleeting chance?”

Her face clouded and she bit her lip.

“Oh. Did Moose send you?”

“Uh-ha. He says he misses you”

“Yeah? And I bet he told you I was cute as lace pants. Now listen Mister. You seem like a nice guy in a nicer car. Sure Moose loves me but that ain’t enough. If I’d stayed with him I’d still be driving an Audi. Yeah, he knew I loved Figaros, but did the lunk ever buy me one? No. See, I had to get out. This last week has been like I’ve been reborn. You must understand”

Somehow, I did understand. As I got back onto Mulholland I knew I wasn’t going to see Moose again. Half a mile further down the Drive I slipped off and pointed Fig’s nose south, through the warm night towards Pacific Coast. I reached in the glove locker to throw my .38 into the bushes and found an old cassette tape. Kylie Minogue. The name meant nothing to me, but I put it into the machine. As the sound came out of the speakers, everything came together. Velma was going to be OK, and so was I. Everything was going to be just ….. cute.

4 thoughts on “Theme : Cute – Farewell, My Cutie”

  1. The Irish climate is damp and the roads poorly paved. This kind of environment kils cars as if the indifference of their drivers was not enough. If a can survive this is treatment it must be tough. Tough like a W-123 Mercedes, tough like a pre-GM Saab 900, tough like a Volvo 240. These are the old cars you see in Ireland. And one other. The Nissan Figaro. I´d never have thought it but Figaros figure in evening traffic in Ireland. They might be a little battered but despite entering their third decade, these little vehicle are built to last.

  2. My next door neighbour had a First Generation Micra. Alas both he and the Micra are no more. I miss him, but not the car. Nissan certainly wrung value from that platform and I too have noticed that not all Figaros are pampered, but even the dented ones plug on. The Figaro is a strange phenomenon. In theory it should bring down a raft of contempt from car folk, but most tolerate it and for some, whisper it, it is a secret desire. Indeed, I myself have been know to wonder “what if …” before taking a cold bath. Of course the reason it works is that they didn’t skimp on the detail. It looks like it could have been put together by a little French coachbuilder in the 50s and, around town, I imagine it is pleasant enough to drive. Which brings me to ask you, Richard, if Figaro sighting in Ireland is confined to certain parts of Dublin or if, as you almost seem to suggest, they are a frequent site on country roads throughout the nation?

  3. One of the reasons why there are so many Figaro’s in Ireland was a thriving Grey Market for used Japanese cars during the 1990’s – a phenomenon that has pretty much died out with the advent of vehicle testing, the difficulty in obtaining insurance and securing parts.

    The most striking thing about the Figaro is – as Sean points out – the sheer expense Nissan went to in order to make the car appear authentic. You sit inside one, and there is very little that you could recognise from its Micra donor. These cars had to be made at a significant loss – and they must have been virtually hand-built. Therein lies its appeal, as much as the cute styling. Pastiche, when it’s this well delivered is in itself appealing. Figaro’s are now regarded as classics in their own right and frankly, given the care with which Nissan went about conceiving the Pike Factory cars, one I wholeheartedly endorse.

    And as a current resident of Co. Cork, I can confirm the sighting of several examples in the Rebel County which may suggest that Marlowe decided to point Fig’s nose East, jack in the gumshoe business and ended up making artisan cheeses in West Cork. Now there’s a storyline for our resident Raymond Chandler…

  4. It´s not possible to give a good reply about the general prevalence of Figaros. It could be they just happen to be numerous in that limited part of Dublin I linger in when visiting the Republic of Ireland. A case could be put forward for the contention that they are merely popular with inner city denizens who want a cute, small car. I don´t suppose the agricultural types who live beyond the Pale would find such a vehicle sufficiently capable of asserting their manliness (whether or not the driver is a man or woman). The Figaro is a carefully detailed little thing, redolent of an idea of an era rather than the era itself. It´s one of the few genuinely retro cars too. As my other postings about Japan show there is an incredible diversity in what´s acceptable there and I would suppose the Figaro was probably not even all that outré when it was on sale. We could do with more of this relaxed attitude to design in the former West.

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