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When One was Fun

Porsche 718

The new Formula 1 regulations have thrown up the usual complaints about the inelegance of modern racers. Despite my disinterest in The Circus, I actually find the new batch some of the more interesting looking racers of recent years though, of course, interesting is not beautiful.

Since engine capacity is almost back down to the 1.5 litres of 1961 to 1965, it’s relevant to make the comparison. Back then, the eye and a set of French curves tended to dictate aerodynamic flow and the cars from that era seem little jewels in comparison. The Lotus 33 and Ferrari 156 stand out to me for their elegance but, although frighteningly tiny, bearing in mind their purpose, they weren’t really cute. I’d reserve that for the Porsche 718 which, in this picture of Gurney leading, seems almost like a pedal car.

Porsche Racing

One thought on “Theme : Cute Car Hall of Fame – Formula Cute”

  1. The iconoclastic journalist, Doug Blain wrote a coruscating piece in Car (when it probably was TWBCM) during this period, decrying the 1.5 litre formula, the ruling body and its drivers. It can probably be said with some certainty that he didn’t find the cars, the FIA, or indeed much else cute. However, from a shallow modern perspective, that Porsche is adorable.

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