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Author: Christopher Butt

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2 thoughts on “Theme : Badges”

  1. That´s a very fine collection of metalwork. Only the C6 stands out for its mediocrity. The 190E is evocative. There must be 25,000 of these existing as old-men´s cars or tucked at the back of low-end car dealers going quietly green. Of all the cars my father had there was only one I actually hated. Even the R5 which broke down spectacularly while on holidays in its homeland was not so unpleasant at the 190 which we had in Stuttgart beige with a diesel engine.

  2. I never really much cared for the C6’s badges and discovered the half-hearted attempt at a semi-art déco typeface only upon close inspection. But it’s not just the typeface that was somewhat disappointing: the badges’ modelling gives a really lacklustre impression, especially in contrast to the weathered W201’s 190E lettering, which still exuded an air of quality, despite having been so obviously neglected for quite a while. The C6, on the other hand, was looking resplendent. I would bet some money on its owner being an aged, passionate Citroeniste, who bought the C6 new as his retirement car after decades of DS, CX and XM ownership.

    Both cars, by the way, were parket just a few metres apart, which made for an inspiring contrast.

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