Cars I Can’t Write About 4: The 2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-R

I am unable to address the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.

2014 Lamborghini collage

I’d wanted to write that I could say nothing about Ferrari’s current range of cars. However, as a matter of fact I devoted a whole post to their website some months back. That said, there is nothing much about Ferrari’s actual cars that attracts me. The last time I saw a new one (I really don’t know which it was but it was red) I was as unmoved as if I had been shown a trough of diamonds being tipped in a lake.

Nonetheless, to be strict, I need to find a similar sort car to not talk about, one I haven’t even mentioned. The one in question is treated here.

The expense of the “Lambo” is not the problem. I could easily envision happily spending lots of money. The condition is that it would be spent on a fleet of cars and not one single item. Or, if forced as the rich never are forced, I would spend the money on the Rolls-Royce nearest in price to the LP-700R.

It could be splitting hairs but the Rolls-Royce is an important shade less embarrassing to be seen in than any of the very fast exotic racers I can’t discuss. With Rolls there is the off-chance you are going to a wedding and nobody jeers at people when wedlock looms. With Rolls there is the off-chance you run a wedding car business and that’s an honest living. And finally, with Rolls there is the off-chance that you inherited the money and so it’s not really your fault you happen to be rich enough to run such a car. You are not a priori an unpleasant person.

In short, I could manage a Rolls-Royce. I might even want to talk about one as they do have an interesting and difficult goal which is trying to outpace ordinary cars in qualitative factors. Those who were paying attention know this is harder and less attractive than increasing the quantitative factors (among which is pure, outright speed).

I think that that which distinguishes the gentleman from the pretender is the awareness of the value of qualities and the inherent superficiality of quantity. If you don’t get that distinction, there’s a yellow car for you at Sant’Agata.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

2 thoughts on “Cars I Can’t Write About 4: The 2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-R”

  1. The street I live in has become solidly middle class and noticeably more affluent in the 25 years I’ve lived there. MercedesBMWAudis abound, a handful of Porsches, a Quattroporte lived in the road for a year or so and there is even some fool who parks a nicely restored Citroen SM near my house. It’s a suburban back street and, although two good drivers could just pass two abreast, most people wait their turn. Last weekend, just up the road, I saw a black Gallardo parked half on the kerb, inconsiderately blocking much of the pavement, with a traffic cone on the street to allow a decent buffer zone between passing traffic. Was the owner responsible for this? Or was he (gender is an assumption I know, but statistically likely) visiting his doting Mum, who was overly concerned? Did the car look well cool? Most certainly not. The poor thing looked so out of its place – a popinjay stranded in a land of coarse ruffians, petrified that his lace ruffs will get dirty and that he might be forced to blister his lilywhite hands. Do cars like that still have a place, besides in the dreamscape of spotty teenagers and ageing men?

  2. I expect pushy blokes at the higher end of high finance, drug dealers, Premier League soccerball players, Middle Eastern oil potentates, Russian oligarchs, affluent sociopaths and kleptocratically inclined resource-vultures are probably all very, very interested in the Aventador.
    Some time in the middle of the 00s I saw a Lamborghini in Dublin. The roads there are terrible and astonishingly plagued with traffic. I could think of few more inappropriate cars for that setting. It was as wrong as donning an Anderson & Sheppard suit to go caving. The message was “I do not know what this car is for”. Cargo cults spring to mind.

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