The Truth About Cars On the Renault Espace in Brazil

This is a rather absorbing article from the good people at the Truth About Cars. It discusses the Renault Espace’s life in Brazil.

Renault Espace I 1984

“Originally conceived by Renault and its partner, Matra, the first Espace appeared in 1984 and was initially greeted with a combination of intrigue and scepticism – nothing like Espace had ever been seen before. Flying in the face of accepted wisdom, the Espace epitomised Renault’s desire to push the boundaries of conventional design and create a car which met the changing needs of a rapidly evolving society.” (Automobiles Review, 2009)

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

One thought on “The Truth About Cars On the Renault Espace in Brazil”

  1. Interesting to see the mini debate at TTAC about what constitutes a people carrier (minivan). One poster claimed that the Espace’s lack of a sliding rear door excluded it, which seemed rather like saying that footwear with laces aren’t shoes, and another seemed to suggest that other vehicles that weren’t monobox were excluded. I don’t see that either omission should deny a vehicle inclusion. Sliding doors can be advantageous, but add weight. In the end, designing as a true monobox, rather than with a vestigal bonnet, is really a styling decision. The engine and wheels prevent you from sitting any further forward, all that it gives you is a screen that is further away. In an extreme case, that would allow you to fit a slightly longer pole from boot lid to windscreen but, generally, a monobox is just a stylistic decision that denies the existence of an engine. That might be a good marketing ploy when selling a car to the sort of people who don’t care about engines, but it is not quite the rational packaging solution it seems. Also, speaking as a once long-term Mark 1 Espace driver, although I quickly acclimatised, my initial impression of a dashboard top that was deep enough to accommodate a reasonable sized herb garden was that it isolated you somewhat from the road in front.

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