Theme: Advertising – Off Message

Lexus’ recent creative review ditched more than the message…


All good advertising embodies an essential truth. For some years now for instance, Lexus has gone with the tagline ‘The Pursuit of Perfection’; a relatively believable goal to envisage. However, despite some success in the US market, Lexus remains stubbornly among the junior ranks of the European prestige car business. In a fit of insecurity, Lexus has recently attempted to enliven their styling, and having done so, turned to the subject and tone of their message. The old self-effacing ad-line wouldn’t get this new, more assertive Lexus noticed, so following painstaking research, innumerable creative briefings and the some of the finest advertising minds at their disposal, they’ve given us this. Of course it’s possible to create a good many things – especially if you’re Lexus, but to the best of my knowledge, ‘amazing’ isn’t one of them. Aside from the appalling grammar, it simply suggests the palpably impossible. Of course, it’s convenient to blame the ad agency (CHI & Partners if you’re interested) for dross like this, but it’s worth remembering the advertiser sets the brief and approves the execution. Creating Amazing – I mean really? I give it six months at best before the next creative review.

Have a better (more appropriate) tagline for Lexus? Leave a comment below…

Author: Eóin Doyle

Co-Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

8 thoughts on “Theme: Advertising – Off Message”

  1. Good Laird… what utter dross.

    “Alan Partridge approved” would at least hint at some kind of cheeky self-deprecation, as would “Quite Quiet”. Both admittedly silly entries, but at least surpassing the grammatical standards of a high street junk shop’s handwritten advertising boards.

  2. I think “Ambition Refined” encapsulates what Lexus should be about, but do they know themselves anymore?

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