How to shape the future : 2

We ask a new-fledged car designer a few questions.

Byungyoon Min and the 2063 Porsche concept design
Byungyoon Min and the 2063 Porsche concept design

As I was interested to find out what was on the mind of some of the designers from Pforzheim University´s MA automotive course, I asked Byungyoon Min, a recent graduate, some questions. Min’s design was for a Porsche 911 for the year 2063. As of this month, Byungyoon Min is an exterior designer at Mercedes-Benz, Sindelfingen.

DTW: What trends do you see emerging in exterior car design at the moment?

BM: As I went through my MA degree project, touch screen, wireless battery charging system became of less significance or less problematic because the technology has reached such a high level. Particularly, it could have an huge effect on the car industry, if you use smart glass in a bit of a different way; this is a hot topic in car design. We might think of several ways of doing different concepts when we use smart glass. It could influence not only interior design but also exterior design too. The Porsche 100 years anniversary project was one variation on using smart glass in the cabin area.

DTW: What elements of previous periods of car design interest you?

BM: When we look back in the middle of 70 to 80s car design, not only Porsche, but also other car brands focused more on the emotional theme side of the body design. And they were a bit more experimental as well. That kind of emotional elements needs to be brought back in the future.

DTW:  How do you see trends in interior colours and materials changing?

2014 byungyoon 1 sketch

BM: I am not a big fan of interior design so I have no idea at all!

DTW: How much do you incorporate manufacturing methods into your design thinking?

BM: As a student who needs a very strong nerve, I was not considering it that much when I did the Porsche project. How to use current manufacturing systems in my design was not an issue. The thing that I need to be concerned about is this: what would happen if I used different material or mixed it with other things we have not used before in the car industry? And then one has to visualise it so it’s easy enough to understand and attractive enough to get an attention from public.

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