Downgraded from Economy

This wasn’t what I expected.

A rented vehicle.
A rented vehicle.

At the very least, a rental car offers the chance to drive something new even if it’s not the car of your dreams or as good as your normal vehicle. On my recent visit to Baden-Württemberg I’d expected to be driving a Ford Ka. This didn’t excite me very much but, as I said, it was a new car and not something I’d otherwise experience.

To my disappointment, I lost the car rental roulette. All the proper cars were out and this left me with an ageing diesel Ford Transit Connect. Worse, it was one doing double duty as a mobile advertisement. I am not convinced putting this many ads on the side of the car is going to win a single customer.

When is anyone going to spend the five minutes standing directly in front of such an unappealing sight as this to be able to take in the text. Reinigungsdienst Frick in Bad Bellingen offer a great service. Compounding the offence, not only was the car ugly to look at from the outside, the view from within was darkened by the pasting of the ads over the rear passenger windows.

It would be efficient of me to offer some driving notes on the Ford Transit but I won’t. I can report that it’s very big inside, as I remember it from 2004. The car was cheap to hire though. That’ll offset the fine I am expecting for triggering a speed camera in Basel.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

4 thoughts on “Downgraded from Economy”

  1. “The car was cheap to hire though. That´ll offset the fine I am expecting for triggering a speed camera in Basel.”

    Oops, that’s going to be rather expensive, I’m sorry to say. Swiss fines are bone-freezingly high.

  2. I am still a wanted man in Switzerland after triggering a camera in Zurich. I didn’t pay the fine (I felt it unjustified for reasons I can’t quite explain) and have heard no more from them (this was 4 years ago) but I would not suggest you follow my example.

    This year I cited that fact to a colleague who had a speeding fine from The Netherlands (another country who are very hard on speeders) and they ended up being chased through the UK courts with a new reciprocal system for collecting fines.

    I would expect to be paid to drive around with that many advertisements.

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