Press Photo For The Day: 1964 Humber Super Snipe

I originally viewed Humber’s Super Snipe and Imperial cars as objects of derision. As time goes by I find them more and more likeable. I wonder what causes that change in sentiment?

1964 Humber Super Snipe
1964 Humber Super Snipe

At the time of writing (December 11, 2014) I am pondering spending a whole €12 on a classic cars magazine just to obtain someone else’s half-digested wisdom on the Imperial. These cars aren’t well documented so I may very well take the plunge though I have sworn off classic car magazines for several years.

What I am on the look out for is a period review from Autocar but so far eBay has thrown up nothing. The one good thing about liking the Super Snipe is that there is no chance at all I could buy one whereas the Peugeot 604 still lies within the range of possibility. A Humber would be a step too far into the world of vintage motoring.

Post script – December 14, 2014. I did buy the Classic & Sportscar in question and regretted it. Despite the lush photography, the article didn’t leave me feeling much wiser than I was before though the images show the Humber (an Imperial) in a very favourable light. These magazines are mostly made up of advertisements for very costly classics and are as short on insight as the motoring magazines dealing with new cars.

Classic cars is a potentially broad field yet the magazines are as narrowly focused as their new car peers: articles about particular cars and little that could be called general overviews or detailed themed features. The on-line car sales websites seem to have drained business from the classified ads which used to provide lots of tantalising images of obscure and normally quite ordinary older cars.

Where are the ads for 1982 Granadas, 1976 Monzas and one-owner time-warp cars (say, a 1980 Hillman with 9,345 miles on the odo)? They are at autoscout24 and

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