Reconsidering the BMW 5-GT

It’s BMW 5 series hatchback, isn’t it?


The slightly raised ride doesn’t conceal that this is what a 5 would look like if it was “just” a hatch. I think it’s rather attractive but the combination of raised height and rubber of a lowered profile is a contradiction, like dropping a cube of sugar into a diet cola

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

9 thoughts on “Reconsidering the BMW 5-GT”

  1. ‘[Erratum: For 3 read 5 throughout.]’

    I don’t understand. Is that a 3GT or a 5GT? It didn’t seem strange to me when I first saw the picture and I was convinced the picture above is of a 3, not a 5GT.

    For the rest, I agree this type of car needs fat rubber – particularly the 5, to offset the outsized proportions. That’s probably what sent me on the wrong track too and had me confused about the actual size of the car on the picture, because I quite like the 5GT in real life, much more so than the 3…

  2. You’re right actually, it is a 5GT – the rear window/C-pillar treatment and the absence of kink between the front wheel and the door give it away. The two GTs can look awkward depending on things like body colour, choice of wheels or simply the angle and the light when you see them. Is that a sign of bad design?

  3. Today one of the 5s popped up on my street. The lukewarm reception is hard for me to fathom. They seem quite correctly styled and the interior is very welcoming, especially the rear. The 5 is not so very different from the 3 but who’s problem is that, I ask?

  4. I spent half an hour examining this car in a BMW Showroom. I was waiting for another car (not mine) to be serviced.

    The unframed windows malfunctioned in the showroom car. Twice.

    Every time you open or close a door an electric motir raises/lowers the glass. It is crazy. A system that gives problems…on the showroom floor.

    An entry level KIA would give more confidence than this car.My car is a Toyota, BTW. Zero breakdows in 10 years.


    1. Personally I wouldn’t want to have to rely on too many electrical functions either – my 15 year old car works very well except for a raft of electrical gremlins I’m happy to ignore most of the time.
      What kind of malfunction did you experience in that showroom?

  5. I’m confused as to whether I’m commenting on the 3GT or 5GT. Generally though, my reaction is the same. Neither is the most elegant ever BMW (though the 3 looks a bit better than the 5) but they hardly offend me. And I am bemused (though unsurprised) at the consensus of motoring journalists which is roughly ” … I mean apart from the fact that it’s fast and comfortable yet there’s loads of luggage room and your friends and family can stretch out in the back without hitting their heads on the roof and get a pretty decent view out as well, I can’t see the sense in it”.

  6. Journos: I am tired of their received wisdom. The question to ask of a car is “is there a reason not to make it” and the fact a five door hatch can do most things is no reason to say another, slightly differently abled shouldn’t exist. And the GTs are five door hatches. With four wheel drive too. So doesn’t that make the GTs’ packaging acceptable if the styling is debatable?
    By the way, the team at TTAC don’t come under my blanket dismissal and nor does Paul Horrell.

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