Our Cars: 1975 Ford Granada 2.0 L

Run by: Myles Gorfe. Total Mileage: 299,902. Miles since Dec ’14: 2. Latest costs: £392 for rear axle renewal, timing belt adjustments, greased hinges, fitting missing chrome window trim, new battery.

1975 Ford Granada 2.0 L
1975 Ford Granada 2.0 L

It’s been a busy month for the Grannie. Having rebuilt the bootlid mechanism and greased the locks on the doors, I decided to take the old girl for a spin to see if the performance had improved. The engine started beautifully and the Ford took to the road. Then it cut out about two minutes into the drive and refused to start.

There was no smell of petrol and the starter was turning over quite healthily. A quick call to Dorris Motors’ Gavin Chide was all that was needed to get a flat-bed truck sent out to recover the car. At the time of writing a new solenoid is in the post, traced to an Austrian seller via eBay. I have noticed an oil leak from the left of the engine and will have this seen to while the car is being looked after by Gavin Chide.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

One thought on “Our Cars: 1975 Ford Granada 2.0 L”

  1. Myles. That Grannie’s the dog’s .. love it in that green. Is it the Autumn Lagoon or Zoroastrian Pea? I wouldn’t touch Dorris Motors with the proverbial though .. Gavin Chide had my 72 Consul GT in for carburetor work and lost the service book. It had 29 dealer’s stamps in it … Gutted! By the way, those Austrian solenoids will only fit LHD Coupes unless you do a mod. If you’re ever in Runcorn we do a Noggin & Natter at the Beechwood every second Thursday of every third month. See ya!

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