2015 Detroit Auto Show

Driven To Write could not force the editor, Simon Kearne, onto a plane in time to cover the 2015 Detroit Motor Show. 

2016 Lincoln MKX
2016 Lincoln MKX

The rest of us are still digesting the 2014 Geneva Motor Show and are too busy to attend. Instead, try reading the Truth About Cars who are reporting with their usual diligence.  I had a look at TTAC’s articles and there seem to be a lot of trucks being unveiled. Continue reading “2015 Detroit Auto Show”

Bentley Bentayga: 4000 Customers Already

After revealing a rather challenging design for their new SUV, Bentley have found a name as unappealing: Bentayga.

2016 Bentley Bentaygo
2016 Bentley Bentayga

There must be no poets among the senior staff at Bentley. The proposed name lacks any charm or musicality. How did they choose this name? Automotive News and others reported that the new SUV is to be named after a mountain on the Canary Islands. Continue reading “Bentley Bentayga: 4000 Customers Already”