Theme : Aerodynamics – Release The BATs

Aero could be fun too…

The three BAT cars - photo via carnewscafe
The three Alfa Romeo BAT cars – photo: carnewscafe

Aerospace iconography permeated everywhere throughout the 1950s, particularly car styling. So when Alfa Romeo commissioned a series of concept cars, science fiction melded with aerodynamic theory, creating the extraordinary BAT cars. 

Alfa Romeo BAT 5 - photo via crazywheels
Alfa Romeo BAT 5 – photo via crazywheels

And they were sensational. Created by Carrozzeria Bertone’s Franco Scaglione, based on the floorpan and running gear of the contemporary 1900 Sprint, the three Berlinetta Aerodynamica Technica concepts combined pure aero theory with the knowing wink of showbiz.

BAT 7's voluptuous rear wings - photo via lacar
BAT 7’s voluptuous rear wings – photo via lacar

Because, it’s difficult to escape the suspicion that Scaglione or perhaps Nuccio himself concluded they couldn’t be too serious about the whole business, introducing what can only be described as an element of camp to proceedings. But it wasn’t all Flash (Gordon), the 1954 BAT 7 boasting a drag coefficient of a mere 0.19.

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