Death Has a Revolving Door: Here’s Borgward!

The coffin lid groans as the once lifeless corpse reanimates


It was revealed earlier this week that Borgward, the long-dead German quality auto marque will announce their first new vehicle in over 50-years at this year’s Geneva Motor show. Borgward, who last produced cars in 1961, join Saab and Bristol amongst deceased marques making belated and in Saab’s case, serial comebacks from the grave.

Although amazingly, neither have as yet produced anything tangible apart from a few blurry photographs and some vaguely muttered promises. The German company’s website brightly claims ‘it’s time to begin writing thrilling new chapters in the Borgward story‘. Frankly, I’m not so sure about thrilling, I suspect other adjectives may in the fullness of time, be shown to be more appropriate. I was thinking something more in the line of ‘utterly delusional’ myself.

But perhaps I’m being unduly cynical – maybe Borgward will surprise us all at Geneva. But I suspect not…


See Borgward’s announcement here
Interesting piece about Borgward’s latterday history on Jalopnik here

Author: Eóin Doyle

Co-Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

8 thoughts on “Death Has a Revolving Door: Here’s Borgward!”

  1. Apparently, the Borgward family is involved in one capacity or another, but that doesn’t make this enterprise appear any more serious. The only people getting weak at the knees at the prospect of a new Borgward are most likely to be having trouble in that particular bodily area already. I suspect Saab enthusiasts worldwide are outnumbering Borgward fans by 100:1, or something along those lines. If there aren’t enough potential owners for Saab, how can Borgward 2.0’s numbers stack up?

    And what can we actually expect? Another daft daydream like Herpa’s, the toy manufacturers, attempt at doing to the East German Trabant what BMW’s done to the Mini (yet another reincarnation yearned for by hundreds, rather than millions of car buyers)?
    My bet is on a pseudo-restomodded coupé that’s aiming at ‘bringing the sense of romance and style, as embodied by the legendary Isabella Coupé to the 21st century’. That would make it kind of a cheaper, Teutonic David Brown Aston Jaguar DB5.

    Any other guesses, anyone? Or does anyone actually care?

  2. As is well known, Borgward’s sudden decline was a result of other German makers conspiring against them. How convenient that Herr Kubrick should suddenly appear on these pages with his caustic put-down of this noble enterprise. Does Mr K expect us to accept that it is mere co-incidence that he is both a driver of and enthusiast for Germany’s youngest maker of premium cars, Jaguar? Oh yes, I can feel them quaking in Coventry. And Stuttgart. And Munich. And once Lloyd returns, Wolfsburg.

    1. To make matters even worse, the German half of my family stems from Bremen. My lack of enthusiasm for Borgward and failure to devote any part of my heart to Werder Bremen (the city’s once-famous football club) should result in me being awaited by a welcoming committee with freshly-ground hayforks the next time I visit ye place of me ancestors.

    2. I did always like the Isabella. It had a solidity to it that made a Ponton Mercedes look almost effete. But it’s never crossed my mind that they should bring them back. As you say, where do they think their market is – care home ambulances?

  3. WIthout having gone into Borgward´s detailed product history, there seems nothing at first glance to suggest a special USP worth reviving. The style is generic 50s and the engineering quite conventional. Saab has something to hold on to, ditto Bristol and maybe even Rover. Borgward is merely a name. Try to imagine what their next generation of cars would have been if they didn´t close when they did. Do you see anything that could have been extrapollated?

  4. I admit when I first saw this, I thought that Eoin was doing a clever parody. There was some guy on another website a couple of years back banging on about a Hillman revival so convincingly that I sent in a deposit to an address in Chipping Norton only for the Post Office to return it ‘Recipient Unknown’.

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