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A Valentine’s Gift


As you know, Mr Editor Kearne keeps us under a tight rein. His reputation as the Elliott Ness of transport publishing means that the industry knows that he can’t be bought so, unfortunately, this preconception unfairly passes on to his team of writers. As such, it was rare for this piece of blatant bribery from Vauxhall to pass through the net and, so desperately grateful am I, that it would be wrong of me not to draw your attention to the car it refers to. 

It is the ‘Vauxhall’ Corsa. A car that shares a base with the Fiat Grande Punto. The two cars used to look pretty different to the casual viewer with, to my eyes, the Punto looking a lot better that the Corsa, possibly because it was designed by Giugiaro. This didn’t stop Fiat from putting its eternally inept facelift team onto the job. Now Opel has put its own team to work and, amazingly, they have made the front of their car look like a Punto that has been facelifted by a (mythically) competent team at Fiat. That’s a sort of compliment Opel, I mean Vauxhall.

Can I have another bag of sweets?

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

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