Recharging Your Electric Car the Danish Way

One of the questions hanging over electric cars is about how inner city residents can recharge them if they don’t have off-street car parking.


This photo shows the Danish approach: put the recharging stations on the street. I don’t know how this works but will endeavour to find out. At the moment there are no signs to say these parking places are exclusive to electric cars (though this might be implied). There are several dotted around where I live and I have seen them in the middle of Dublin too.

I have also read that the US government is thinking that the best way to get e-cars going is to dispense with the strategy of fiddling the tax code and to simply build these stations where needed. If you look what’s involved it seems quite simple: a box with a brain in it and a cable.

2010 Nissan Leaf recharging in Trojborg, Denmark.
2010 Nissan Leaf recharging in Trojborg, Denmark.

The ninety two dollar question is whether such an arrangement work in countries where there is less social capital than there is in N Europe. How does a wire cable connected to an unattended car work in darkest Detroit or deepest Dagenham or Dublin 17?

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

3 thoughts on “Recharging Your Electric Car the Danish Way”

  1. From reading about London charging spots it seems there’s no fixed policy. Some areas allow non EV’s to park, some don’t. And some are normal parking slots for EVs in addition. Both these points must be an irritation to other EV owners who either need a charge and find a Dodge Ram pickup parked in the only charging spot or find another EV owner who has gone off to a 3 hour meeting leaving their fully charged vehicle there. Certainly the biggest incentive to a city EV buyer is the sight of lots of free spaces dedicated to EVs only.

  2. Have a look at Top Gear episode in UK last night 15.2.15 Features a BMW i8. Clarkson shows how it can be recharged while driving in the mountains. Absolutely fantastic sports car with wing lift doors. Not exactly a Prius….. The future I saw, last night

  3. Jeremy ***kson is a funny guy. When left to reviewing a car (which I think he rarely does) he can be surprisingly off-message. He like strange vehicles like the Citroen CX and years ago made the point that most BMW 3-series are very ordinary vehicles. You´d think he´d hate an electric car. Of course this car is no Leaf but a sportscar so perhaps it´s the sportiness of it that Clarkson likes rather than the electrickness of it.

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