More 2015 Geneva Car Show Highlights: Lemon Scented Swiss Washer Fluid

DTW is pleased to present some more information of the exhibitors at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

2015 EDAG Light Cocoon conceot car.
2015 EDAG Light Cocoon concept car.

What are Amstutz Produkte showing? Who are “Behind the Wheel”? And at what stand can Borgward be found? Christ Wash Systems seems fairly self-evident so I won’t spend too much time on them. Read on to find out more.

First on the list of any car engineering enthusiast is EDAG, who are at stand 2158. They have shown some intriguing concept cars in recent years. These designs showcase EDAG’s competence at providing engineering and design support for the automotive industry. If you’ve been in an Audi or Bentley, for example, you’ve probably touched or indeed been moved by something EDAG have been involved with.

This year the emphasis is on lightweight construction, “a fully bionically optimised, additively manufactured vehicle structure combined with a weatherproof textile outer skin panel”. We ran a theme on concept cars and I must note then that the EDAG concept is one in the strictest sense rather than being a marketing device.

I rather wish the OEMs were using their time to show off designs that tried as much this vehicle to actually experiment. While additive construction is not feasible for mass production, it’s still technology worth exploring. Steel stamping is, after all, the technology of the late 19th century. EDAG will probably be giving out EDAG pencils, writing blocks and perhaps EDAG branded chocolates. I have contacted them to find out.

Ferrari, makers of prancing horse decals and branded goods with an automotive and racing theme, are at stand 5231.

Behind The Wheel is at stand AR02. Finding out what they are proved harder than I expected. Google presented the interesting fact that Depeche Mode played a concert at the Palexpo. They performed a song entitled “Behind the Wheel”. Most of the rest of the results were lists of exhibitors at the show and irrelevant by-catch such as only Google’s search algorithms would know the significance of. I rang Fairacres, the company behind Behind The Wheel to ask them what they were showing. There has been no answer so far.

Amstutz boot cleaner: good and Swiss.
Amstutz boot cleaner: good and Swiss.

Amstutz is a Swiss firm who make what must be very good window washer fluid. One product has a lemon scent and is for summer and winter use. Their Soran product comes in a handy transparent bag with a handle and spout for easy pouring. It can be used at temperatures as low as -22 degrees. I find the idea of having Swiss-made window washer fluid slightly thrilling for the same reason that I only ever draw with Swiss-made Caran d’Ache ball pens (model 825, if you must know). This kind of thing gives me a feeling of secret superiority, a game of hidden one-up-manship. I may very well order some of this for my car.

Borgward are exhibiting at stand 205.

Author: richard herriott

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2 thoughts on “More 2015 Geneva Car Show Highlights: Lemon Scented Swiss Washer Fluid”

  1. After some ‘phoning and Googling, I found out that Behind the Wheel are selling automotive memorabilia. They also have a B&B and this is their page:
    The telephone number listed that the Geneva 2015 website is missing a digit, the final 6. That was much less interesting than I thought it would be. Oh well.

  2. Update: EDAG have more imagination and indeed knowledge than I do and are researching additive production methods for series production. I am going to read some more on this and report back in due course.

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