Geneva 2015 Motor Show Update: a Danish supercar

The Danish designed and built Zenvo has a 6.8 litre, hand-built V-8, a 69 litre fuel tank and weighs 1688 kilos. They are exhibiting at stand 2040. 

2015 Zenvo ST1: at the Geneva Motor show this year.
2015 Zenvo ST1: at the Geneva Motor show this year.

Right at the end of the list is a Danish firm, Zenvo. I had read a little about this in the Danish press and it was a surprise to see a real car manufacturer among the less recognisably automotive names.

Zenvo built their first prototype in 2008 and production began in 2011. Nought to 60 is claimed to be 3 seconds, which I think is quite fast. If you want faster, get a Veyron. Top Clarkson, BilMagasinet and Maxim covered the Zenvo in 2010. The firm has a sales office in Zug, Switzerland and production is in Denmark. As with all small firms, I imagine that allocating resources to a show like this takes some considerable effort as, at this price level, every car represents a substantial amount of sunk capital.

I have tried to call Zenvo to ask what they are displaying and will follow this up in due course.

2015 Zenvo ST1 interior.
2015 Zenvo ST1 interior.

Here are some more statistics:

  • Overall length (mm)
  • Overall width, without mirrors (mm)
  • Overall height (mm)
  • Ground clearance (when hydraulic lifted)
    110mm (160mm)
  • Wheelbase (mm)
  • Weight (kg)

Author: richard herriott

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10 thoughts on “Geneva 2015 Motor Show Update: a Danish supercar”

  1. I’m sure you’ll join me Richard in looking forward to seeing the press release from Luxembourg based Benchmarque, who are announcing their new venture, a 1500cc 5 door estate car available in a full range of pastel colours and three trim levels. Or am I getting them confused with Hillman?

  2. That would be Hillman.Their stand is between the Sbarro stand and the wall in Hall 4. If you go around the side of the Sbarro stand there is 2 metre gap where Hillman have pinned up renderings of drawings for proposals of their nine car range.

  3. I’ve still got one of Hillman’s printed carrier bags from the 2014 show. Pity they had no literature to put in it, but it’s a great bag. If their cars are only half as good, they should be on to a winner! Any news on the Hillman crossover – apparently a revolutionary blend of estate car and delivery van?

  4. Lucky you. All I got was the Hillman pencil. The crossover concept sketches have been signed off. One thing is the heated discussion over whether a transverse leaf spring suspension is acceptable for a car with such off-road delivery intentions that must also be able to lap Millbrook at all.

  5. I’ve just looked in the bottom of the bag. The pencil was there all along. Silly me not to have noticed. I’d often wondered why they handed me the bag. Also, full marks to Hillman for using Senior Citizens, rather that cliched ‘Motor Show Babes’, to hand out their freebies.

  6. Actually I’ve always viewed the transverse leaf with suspicion. After all a Chevrolet Corvette uses them and a Hillman is not supposed to be a sporting vehicle. But of more concern is the rumour that the crossover is to have a split folding rear seat. This is new technology for Hillman and they need to be sure they don’t overstretch themselves.

  7. I’ve long railed against those who dismiss the transverse leaf so glibly. But as you say, this is like discussing a mutual friend in front of a stranger.

    So, Zenvo? If you like supercars, it’s not unpleasing in a bluff, fuck-off-out-of-my-way sort of sense, though the interior isn’t very striking. But I don’t really understand its USP, except for not being one of the usual suspects.

  8. For some people a challenge means needing to climb mount Everest. For others it means wanting to design a supercar of their own. That´s why these things exist. I have e-mailed Zenvo to ask what they are showing and I am awaiting a reply.

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