Our cars: 1975 Ford Granada 2.0 L

Run by: Myles Gorfe. Total Mileage: 299,907. Miles since Feb 2015: 3. Latest costs: £287 for refitting rear axle bushings, gear linkage adjustments, de-greased hinges, re-fitting missing left mirror, installing new washer-fluid tank, relocating oil leak.

1975 Ford Granada 2.0 L
1975 Ford Granada 2.0 L

It’s been a busy month for the Grannie. Gavin Chide at Dorris Motors de-greased the boot hinges which were over-lubricated. I had to buy three wiring harnesses from sellers in Estonia, Belgium and Austria before getting one that worked. Gavin Chide couldn’t fix the oil leak from the right side of the engine and overcharged for the harness work.

I had the car transported to Custom Wheels Ltd for further work which seemed to be successful. Having fitted the working wiring harness, I decided totake the old girl for a spin to see if the performance had improved. The engine started beautifully and the Ford took to the road again. There was a rumbling from the front when the steering was on full lock: the ball joints were tiring. Then it cut out a few miles into the drive and refused to re-start. There was no smell of petrol and the starter was turning but failing to catch.

A quick call to Len Gudgeon at the Granada Garage was all that was needed to get a flat-bed truck sent out to recover the car which only took a few hours. At the time of writing a replacement distributor and a new carb are in the post, traced to an Swiss seller via eBay. I have noticed an oil leak from transaxle and I will have this seen to while the car is being looked after by Len.

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9 thoughts on “Our cars: 1975 Ford Granada 2.0 L”

  1. Myles. Good to see you’ve dumped Chidie for Len Gudgeon – now there is a bloke that knows his Grannies. Take my advice and stay with him. Little bit of advice drawn from experience mate – when you get that distributor, wipe out the inside with lighter fuel afore ye fit. There was a nasty deposit in the last one I got. BTW, the Grannie looks better with each new pic you post. Are those new wheelnuts or those reconditioned ones that they do on eBay? Devils in the Detail mate. Don’t forget there’s a pint with your name on waiting for you at the Beechwood – second Thursday of every third month, unless it’s May.

  2. Myles Gorfe writes: I hate the Beechwood, mate. It’s all stuck up Ghia drivers. I go to the Gunwhale & Capstan where the L and GL crowd gather last Monday of the month.

    1. Well listen to you Miles! I was only trying to be friendly. Look mate, I know once you’ve sampled the powerhouse V6 (and I mean the Essex jobbie not that poofy Cologne thingy) that your old four banger seems a bit unmanly, but spare me the hard feelings OK. I didn’t have you down as being in the Envy Mob like that bunch down at the G&C. You’d find the Beechwood crowd really fine with you and no looking down our noses just cos you’ve only managed a poxy L. But then what did I expect from a guy who’d get a bloody 2 door anyway. That’s just perverse.

    1. Yeah! well I’m outta this site anyway. Searched for Granada only 25 posts. Pitifull. And loas of them were for the Yank version which was a dog. Only guy here who made any sence was the one telling about driving in 70s for Hetrz. Sound like bloody heaven mate. Wish I’d been there.

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