Geneva Motor Show Update – A follow up on Zenvo

On Feb 23rd we discussed the enigmatic Danish supercar maker, Zenvo.

2015 Zenvo : image from Automotive I have to applaud the choice of colour.

2015 Zenvo : image from Automotive I have to applaud the choice of colour.Automotive News has followed our lead though, to be fair, have produced a lot more copy than I managed. I like think that in a small way we had a little scoop nonetheless.

The article answers my question about what Zenvo will be showing at Geneva: “Zenvo will display two of its cars next week at the Geneva auto show, highlighting a new wheel design and gear-shift system, according to brand manager Lars Meller.” As in interesting side note (interesting to me mostly), I remember speaking to the designer of this car, Christian Brandt, in 2006 when he worked for a Danish tuning company.

Author: richard herriott

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One thought on “Geneva Motor Show Update – A follow up on Zenvo”

  1. It’s a nice friendly photo. And I like the brown colour. And the proportions are nicely compact looking. And, for a mid-engined supercar, the rear visibility is probably quite good. Once upon a time I could have got quite excited looking at this car. Alas (or happily), not now. Ask me to describe a LaFerrari to you in any detail and I could not do it to save my life.

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