Alfa Romeo is the new Fiat

Sergio Marchionne has been reported by Automotive News as saying that Fiat will not be a mass market brand. Instead it will focus on its 500-series small cars and let Jeep and Alfa Romeo compete in other sectors. 

2015 Fiat 500L: the future of Fiat?
2015 Fiat 500L: the future of Fiat?

Rather surprisingly, given Alfa Romeo´s very limited and lacklustre range, Marchionne thinks AR will be able to grow and supply cars in the C and C-D class along with a mooted SUV. Given the steady steaming of vapour ware from this brand, and the poor reception of the current cars, this is a very tall order. The other worrying thing is that Fiat Chrysler Automotive have let Lancia die and Fiat´s scope dwindle so they are a purveyor of small cars with a rather restrictive template.

2007 Alfa Romeo 166: will we see the likes of this again?
2007 Alfa Romeo 166: will we see the likes of this again?

The runes for AR do not read well as past form indicates that Fiat is rather poor in its stewardship of its brands. A decade ago Fiat had a full range of cars and AR had a varied portfolio of vehicles from medium-small, to medium to large plus two sports cars. Will we be reading in another decade that AR will not be a mass-market player either – it isn´t one now. I don´t see that changing unless somehow the much-promised crop of cars includes at least two class-competitive strong sellers that can be bought without reservation.

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