Danish Curiosities – Yellow Plates

The big, white gas guzzler has a yellow licence plate. That means the owner paid about 30% less than a person who bought the same car on standard plates. There are no rear seats in the Audi, a condition of yellow plate ownership. They are meant to be vans. 

2015 Audi and 2CV

The car on the right has standard plates and gets no special deduction. It’s carrying a supply of toilet roll and other materials. It’s a working car. The Audi is carrying air. Continue reading “Danish Curiosities – Yellow Plates”

Theme: Benchmarks – From Standard to Acclaim

The only constant is change.

1960 Standard Vanguard Vignale
1960 Standard Vanguard Vignale

What once passed for normal, becomes a rarity (think: Renault 12). Usage debases the value of language so while our words remain set on the page, the meanings attached to them drift off and new meanings, hunting for home, attach themselves. So it is that the world outside our head is unstable and shifting and the words inside our heads lose value like sweating gold coin in a sack or drachmas, lire and roubles in wallets.

This is getting very post-modern, isn’t it? The word for a fixed reference changes its meaning and the thing it refers to changes as well. It’s all relative now, kids. Continue reading “Theme: Benchmarks – From Standard to Acclaim”