Peugeots in Thailand : Bangkok Classic Cars

The Thai for Peugeot 505 is เปอร์โย505 and if you want a little taste of the life old Peugeots lead in the far East click here where you can take a look at some of the posts at Bangkok Classic Cars. 

Peugeot 304 (1969-1980). Image:
Peugeot 304 (1969-1980). Image:

Their motto is “If you love classic car you are my friend.”

Geneva Motor Show Scrapings – 2016* Qoros 3 Estate

[* think it’s for 2016.] I have reported previously on the Qoros 3 car, a Chinese market mid-sizer developed with the help of European suppliers. Here is the SUV of the 3 (note: it’s not the photo just below).

Shown at the 2015 Geneva motor show, the Qoros 3 estate. Photo:
Not shown at the 2015 Geneva motor show, the Qoros 3 estate. Photo:

While hunting around for information on this I found out the estate version of the 3 existed but without careful clicking and many mouse-miles I can’t quite determine if they showed this at Geneva or not so I will assume they didn’t.  Continue reading “Geneva Motor Show Scrapings – 2016* Qoros 3 Estate”

Theme: Benchmarks – The Moving Goalpost

Legend has it that Lexus’ engineers explicitly used the 1991 BMW E-36 version of the 3 series as a benchmark for their 1999 IS200, right down to giving it rear wheel drive and a straight six engine.

1999 Lexus IS 200 - from Wikipedia.
1999 Lexus IS 200 – from Wikipedia. There’s a balance problem, isn’t there? The front of the car is visually lighter than the rear.

By the time the IS200 came out, the E46 had replaced the E36. The benchmark that Lexus had chosen was obsolete. At this point BMW had settled on a slow detachment from its roots as a “hard as nails” small sports saloon and was well on the way to becoming, in ordinary trim versions, a Munich Mondeo, though to be fair, that’s unfair to Ford’s Mondeo of the same period. As I see it, the car Lexus benchmarked was already Continue reading “Theme: Benchmarks – The Moving Goalpost”