Geneva Motor Show Scrapings – 2016* Qoros 3 Estate

[* think it’s for 2016.] I have reported previously on the Qoros 3 car, a Chinese market mid-sizer developed with the help of European suppliers. Here is the SUV of the 3 (note: it’s not the photo just below).

Shown at the 2015 Geneva motor show, the Qoros 3 estate. Photo:
Not shown at the 2015 Geneva motor show, the Qoros 3 estate. Photo:

While hunting around for information on this I found out the estate version of the 3 existed but without careful clicking and many mouse-miles I can’t quite determine if they showed this at Geneva or not so I will assume they didn’t. 

Raised ride height and black cladding. Image:
Raised ride height and black cladding. Image:

They also showed the Qoros 3 saloon which looks plush and contemporary though lacking a very strong identity of its own. This is not unusual in new brands whose first job is to build something right, after which comes developing a house look. That’s the normal way of doing it but I think if you are going to develop a whole new brand you need to give people a reason to come and buy your car that is more compelling than only making one that works. Everyone else does that.

In marketing speak, what is the special characteristic unique to the car that justifies trying and buying it? I must admit there is a baffling dissonance between the evident quality of the car (good) and the styling (bland). I can see BMW and VW influences in there.

Would it not have been nicer if they had resisted the urge to make the estate with such a sloped tailgate? Offering a lot of space would have been a bonus and might have attracted practical minded, money-conscious types who have been abandoned by Volvo and now are about to be abandoned by Skoda.

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12 thoughts on “Geneva Motor Show Scrapings – 2016* Qoros 3 Estate”

  1. Have Skoda announced they won’t be making the Superb Estate anymore, or have they done something else to antagonise the practical minded money-conscious?

  2. Handsome range this – but when poked around them last time I saw them at a motor show they really didn’t stand up inside to even the most basic Škoda.

  3. In what way? Skodas are quite good in every way now. I mean, I can´t find anything actively wrong inside them. You can quible about precisely what type of plastic is nicest but the stuff Skoda use is at least good and very good where it matters.
    Laurent: the new Superb looks too cool and I think the LWB package is no more. They are selling to people who think they want something sexy whereas the old Superb was for deeper thinkers.

    1. Fair enough, though it’s hard to blame them for coming up with less challenging shapes. Practicality and value-for-money is that what has put them where they are now, and as long that remains their main focus they’ll still be doing well with the deep-thinkers.

    1. I’m with you if they’re odd for practical reasons, otherwise no. Also I prefer the word ‘challenging’ personally.

    2. My signature shows my own odd car. So I’m a deep thinker. I like that. 🙂

    3. The Roomster is (was?) odd; the Yeti, not so much. Nice though.

    4. Oh it’s odd and scarce enough for my needs. Polarising too in who likes it and those that totally hate it. Hence in my book an odd car. 🙂

    5. Maybe YOU are the odd one out? 😉
      Seriously though, there are people who hate the Yeti?

    6. Yup. Why do you think Škoda took the huge polarising front fog lights away with the facelift? Many a punter refused point blank to even look at a Yeti, let alone buy one, because of those lights. Sad.

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