Something Rotten in Denmark: 1984 Ford Sierra Van

Recently I posted a photo of an Audi Q7 wearing commercial registration plates. Today’s car is more like the kind of vehicle that these plates were intended for. It’s a 1984 Ford Sierra van.

1984 Ford Sierra 1.6 van.
1984 Ford Sierra 1.6 van.

That means it has no rear seats. The vehicle’s details are written on the side, in front of the door, indicating the car’s gross vehicle weight, for example. The car has the older-style full yellow plates. The new ones have an area on the white license plate marked in yellow. This car is looking a bit rough and there are no interior photos, alas.

What I don’t know is if one can restore the seats and turn it back into a handy banger for short-term use. If you are interested it can be found at Sloth´s Auto in Solrod Strand, south of Copenhagen. The price is €390, which includes MOT until September. I do rather like the front end of this car and you don’t see the estate versions these days.

I have found a few more curiosities from the period before 1990 and I will take a look at those in due course.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

4 thoughts on “Something Rotten in Denmark: 1984 Ford Sierra Van”

  1. Never particularly liked Fords, but this is my kind of car for sure! Have to correct you on the number plates though, the yellow-white plates (“papegøjeplader”) are for mixed private- commercial use.

  2. Hi: thanks for that. I thought it was the new version of the concept. Either way, the idea sucks. I just don´t see why someone who can afford to pay €60,000 for a Porsche on yellow plates needs a tax cut. If image matters, get a saloon and if they need to haul stuff get a Transit or a Sprinter. The person who gets a €60,000 has avoided paying the salary of a nurse or a daycare person. A further refinement is that the yellow plates should only apply to cars up to a certain price. Nobody needs a 190 kmph “van”.

  3. Possibly if they issued them subject to an 80 kph limit that would put off Cayenne owners. Still, it’s a useful indicator of character. If someone turns up at your workplace with yellow plates on a rather expensive car it’s a bit like wearing a T-shirt saying “I am a self-indulgent yet penny-pinching git, and I will likely shaft you the first chance I get, just because I can”

  4. In addition to my previous comment: privately used (so without the commercial component) vans are also allowed to carry the yellow-white plates, as I understand it tax reductions are a bit less but still significant enough.

    I agree these rules are completely ridiculous.

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