BMW Mille Miglia 2006

A concept that does nothing more than entertain – which is no bad thing

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Showcars often drive me up the wall by giving us an idealised version of something that actually will be produced, thus diminishing the effect of the production model. In the case of the 2006 Mille Miglia, I doubt anyone expected to build either it, or a watered down version.

It’s intended as a tribute to the 1938 328 Mille Miglia, though there’s a touch of Jules Verne about it. I often dislike asymmetry in car design, but I enjoy the rear treatment of the MM. It has a lot of nice detailing too, both inside and out.

It was designed in Chris Bangle’s time by Anders Warming, who also designed the excellent first series Z4, which formed the base for this. He also did the second series X3 – but no-one’s perfect.**

** Retraction – see below!

3 thoughts on “BMW Mille Miglia 2006”

  1. We’re all agreed, apart from one point – Eric Goplen was the second X3’s exterior designer. Warming’s only official production car credit was the first Z4, the other cars he’s associated with are this one and GINA.

    As I might have stated at some other point, I think highly of Anders Warming and his work. Let’s hope the first Minis he’s had the chance to exert significant influence over will not prove me wrong…

    1. Goes to show not to trust everything you ‘check’on the internet. Though, in this case, your correction works in his favour Kris. I liked GINA too.

      In theory, MINI should give him a great opportunity, providing he isn’t forced to stick too closely to the overused template. I imagine it will be a hard battle.

    2. So do I, Sean.

      To me, the Superleggera concept – albeit not having been swooned over her at DTW – was a sign of hope, a first moderately abstract variation of the Mini theme that employed certain cues, but didn’t end up as merely a stretched/elongated/overblown pastiche of Frank Stephenson’s original car.
      The new Countryman (deary me…) should provide us with some clues.

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