Innovation In Classic Car Sales

Classic car sales is not a line of business known for its propensity to change. Thus I am impressed by the efforts made by RK Motors of Charlotte, North Carolina, to invest in their presentation methods.

1982 Toyota Supra at RK Motors, NC, USA.
1982 Toyota Supra at RK Motors, NC, USA.

I chose this film at random and was very taken with the slick visuals to to display the features and quality of the vehicle. While most of the visual moves are directly from the play-book of television automotive advertising, it is noteworthy to see them applied to a single car. Continue reading “Innovation In Classic Car Sales”

Sunday Matinée – The Renault 5 Story

Following our recent Benchmarks piece on the Renault 5, you are quite naturally burning to know more about this little French marvel.

Ever obliging, we offer this (not particularly short) film on the development and history of the Cinq. Made by Renault themselves, it’s a little hagiographic in parts, but an enjoyable (and informative) trawl nonetheless. Enjoy.

A Photo for Sunday – 2006 Ford Mondeo

This is not yet another of my pleas for the world to acknowledge the subtle allure of the 2000-2007 Ford Mondeo.

2006 Ford Mondeo Ghia in Aarhus, Denmark.
2006 Ford Mondeo Ghia in Aarhus, Denmark.

Rather it’s a chance to meditate on the impact of trim on the perception of a car. In this instance we see something quite rare: a Ford Mondeo with all the options thrown at it. The version here is a Ghia in 2.0 diesel guise. It has a body kit which makes it look lower though not excessively so. Chrome accents give the door-handles a boost.

The six spoke alloys would grace a Bugatti and finally Continue reading “A Photo for Sunday – 2006 Ford Mondeo”