Sunday Matinée – The Renault 5 Story

Following our recent Benchmarks piece on the Renault 5, you are quite naturally burning to know more about this little French marvel.

Ever obliging, we offer this (not particularly short) film on the development and history of the Cinq. Made by Renault themselves, it’s a little hagiographic in parts, but an enjoyable (and informative) trawl nonetheless. Enjoy.

Author: Eóin Doyle

Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée – The Renault 5 Story”

  1. I spent a pleasant time watching this – nice to see Messers Barlow, Bremner and Bayley featuring throughout, although there was not a lot of new insight and Barlow’s little bit at the end about toy cars made me squirm.

    It’s amazing to think that the 5 had its genesis in the 60s, it really does still look like a modern car, albeit one where the details and panel fit look at bit C20. Re the Supercinq, I always thought it a very acceptable and attractive evolution – better than the Golf I to Golf II as the latter looked remarkably bloated when pictured alongside the original when it was first launched; it’s only with time and hindsight (and the even more bloated Golf III) that the Mk2 looks good.

    The really interesting thought that is now obvious to me is that the new Twingo should really have been referenced in some way to the 5 in it nomenclature – there is far more 5 in it’s design than the original Twingo. Maybe Renault does not understand its own heritage? Or, maybe I’m thinking to hard about it.

  2. I suppose marketing dictated the nomenclature. Renault is not very good at accepting its past. I think they have a very firm belief in looking forward and sometimes they forget the good stuff,

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