The Hunt For a Green Car, Continued

Nothing turned up at Renault though their Clio has 13 colours**. Fiat made it impossible to find out what they had in under five minutes though their website looks nice. I could not be bothered….

2015 Citroen Cactus colour palette. Not very green.
2015 Citroen Cactus colour palette. Not very green.

Mazda have six colours for their new 2 but not a green. The red costs a remarkable €750 while the other colours are running at €450. White is the only colour that comes at €0. Citroen is another green-free zone. The DS5 which is a car for individualists comes in a range of colours limited to six, nearly all of which are some form of grey or black. I really believe that if they offered this car in banana, lime, strawberry and mustard it would double its sales.

Anyone who wants this car is yearning for something with a bit of visual pzazz and not anonymity conferred by the colours of concrete. Speaking of which, despite their huge market, VW leads the way in not leading the way on colour choice. Red, blue, and grey and white is your lot. I checked the Polo, the Up and the Golf – not thoroughly, mind – but enough to get the impression that colour is not their main interest.

I ploughed on to Peugeot and discovered their colour range is as dispiriting as VW’s. The big sellers, 108, 208 and 308 are all served by neutrals and a red with the odd wan blue in there somewhere.

Image from
Image from

So far a) I struck lucky with the Astra earlier today and b) VW’s resistance to colour choice despite their huge sales volumes is an eye-opener. And c) Ford and Opel are offering among the best colour choices of the mainstream makers.

[**Yesterday I saw a Clio in what I can only call Lancia or Ghia colours: brown metallic exterior, dark grey seats with brown panels, tan detailing on the dashdboard and doors (a la the Hyundai i10) and ivory-white plastic rims on the air vents and gear shift bezel. Is this modern, small car luxury, a R5 Baccara for our times?]

Author: richard herriott

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4 thoughts on “The Hunt For a Green Car, Continued”

  1. The excellent Panda is available in two (metallic) greens, Verde Toscana and Verde Prato, plus these yellows, oranges and reds – plus some other duller colours.

  2. If I remember correctly the Lancia Ypsilon was available in 112 different colours at some point halfway the ’90s. I think this feature was called something like ‘Kaleidos colour programme’.

  3. Search no more: the new Vauxhall Corsa is available in perlescent Lime Green, and it looks rather good


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