Our Cars – 1975 Ford Granada 2.0 L

Run by: Myles Gorfe. Total Mileage: 299,911. Miles since February 2015: 4. Latest costs: £169 for refitting boot hinges, £7401 for harness work (under review) – see last month. £23 for replacing C-pillar vents again, £12 for tightening driver’s seat runners, £19 for re-fitting mirror, £100 for repairing a transaxle leak, £50 for flat bed truck, £30 for fixing a leak in the washer fluid tubes.

1975 Ford Granada 2.0 L
1975 Ford Granada 2.0 L

It’s been a busy month for the Grannie. Len Gudgeon at the Granada Garage replaced the boot hinges again. Over-lubrication with the wrong grade of oil meant the old ones failed to align and they became distorted during a closure test. A distributor cap and new carb showed up from a dealer in Antwerp but it was the wrong type, a three hole when I needed a four.

I then ordered a generic part from a remanufacturer in Estonia and Len had a lot of trouble fitting that before eventually cannibalising parts from the old one and fitting them to the new one. He tightened the driver’s seat runners which had worked free during the last trip plus he attended to sundry other jobs which Gavin Chide never got around to or said he “forgot”. Continue reading “Our Cars – 1975 Ford Granada 2.0 L”

Jaguar’s North Star Saloon

The F-Type is not the quintessential modern Jaguar. This is.

The 2016 Jaguar XF - image via performancedrive
The 2016 Jaguar XF – image: performancedrive

Upon release, Jaguar made lavish claims about the significance of the F-Type. How it would become the fulcrum of the entire Jaguar range. How successive models would reference its styling. This has proved wildly inaccurate because on the basis of the two most recent model launches, Jaguar’s pivot point is not in fact the F-Type. It’s the XF. Continue reading “Jaguar’s North Star Saloon”