The XF – Abridged

We’ve identified a problem with the XF’s rear styling. Yes, all by ourselves.

The XF and its fussy tail-lamp treatment. Image via carscoops
A less fussy tail-lamp treatment would have served the XF better. Image: carscoops

Jaguar’s Series-2 XF was revealed this week and the dust has settled to some extent over its appearance – the consensus being it’s overly cautious. What’s apparent is the bulk of stylistic contention lies aft and in particular, the tail-lamp treatment. While not as grating as those affixed to the junior level XE, they could be so much nicer. In fact, searching the web, I discovered an image of just how nice they could have been. The difference is rather striking is it not?

This is much better. A pity this wasn't adopted. Image via carscoops
This is much better. A pity this theme wasn’t adopted. Image: carscoops

Looking at the production solution, the issue as I see it isn’t merely confined to the lamp unit’s physical size. The chromed bridge piece that runs between the tail-lamps creates a visual clutter and interferes with the tail-lamp graphic. Adding more visual fuss is the clumsily applied Jaguar script that sits below the obligatory leaper – there presumably because JLR’s marketing people have decreed that not enough people know it’s a Jaguar.

A question chaps – if you’re going to have a bright metal flash running horizontally across the tail-lights, why not use it to incorporate the script? I refer you back to the first series XF, lest you’ve forgotten. Because this appliqué approach suggests you lack sufficient faith in your design.

Perhaps there is a good reason why this styling execution was rejected, but this image serves to highlight the internal argument Ian Callum appears to have lost. Or, as perhaps how the XF’s rear might look when it gets the facelift it probably requires now.

Author: Eóin Doyle

Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

2 thoughts on “The XF – Abridged”

  1. Here in OZ it’s hard to take the XF seriously. Google Ford Falcon FG or Holden Commodore VF and you’ll see why. Both are actually quite good cars but I want a Jaguar to look like a Jaguar.

  2. Indeed those rear light clusters could have looked a lot better, as demonstrated. They’re hardly terrible though, and there’s better news at the other end as Jaguar seem to have (at last!) got rid of the very cheap looking daytime running lights. These are key nowadays to a car’s visual identity.

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