Highlights of the Easter Holiday 2015

I am sorry but it’s another Mondeo. That’s not important.

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Quite coincidentally it was the only car parked under the looming mass of a 1960s multi-storey apartment complex in Jutland. This kind of architecture is not good for much but it has horizontal stripes which make great reflections on shiny surfaces like car bodies.

In the car industry quite a lot of time is spent Continue reading “Highlights of the Easter Holiday 2015”

Photo Series: 1976 Ford Granada 2300 V6 GXL

It’s not that I have a Ford fetish. This is just the kind of car that keeps cropping up. 

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We have Myles Gorfe’s ’75, Steen Larsen’s Consul and now this ’76 Granada with its wonderfully clear trim designation: 2300 V6 GXL. You know precisely where you are with this car. Tricky lighting confounded the front three quarter view. The light was behind the car at the time and it was hard to Continue reading “Photo Series: 1976 Ford Granada 2300 V6 GXL”

Theme: Roads – Motorways, the Case Against

James May* wrote that if you find yourself driving on a motorway you are probably in the wrong vehicle. You should be on a train.

Julian Opie. "I dreamt I was driving my car". 2002. Print on nylon.
Julian Opie. “I dreamt I was driving my car”. 2002. Print on nylon.

I tend to agree and having begun a twice weekly commute of 100 km, I have not once considered driving. I have done so in order to avoid the E45 motorway. On the train I can read, sleep, write or even meet people. A dislike of motorways is something that car enthusiasts and ecologists can agree on. Motorists, on the other hand Continue reading “Theme: Roads – Motorways, the Case Against”