Photo Series: 1976 Ford Granada 2300 V6 GXL

It’s not that I have a Ford fetish. This is just the kind of car that keeps cropping up. 

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We have Myles Gorfe’s ’75, Steen Larsen’s Consul and now this ’76 Granada with its wonderfully clear trim designation: 2300 V6 GXL. You know precisely where you are with this car. Tricky lighting confounded the front three quarter view. The light was behind the car at the time and it was hard to get a better angle due to the surrounding cars on the lot.

The car can be seen at Z.K Biler in Silkeborg. The price is 35,000 kr or €4,684. I could file this under Something Rotten in Denmark as despite the price there is no certification and the import tax is not paid either. Add another €700 for that, I would guess. The reason the car avoids getting into that category is that it is in good shape overall, with no evident signs of rust. The rear right door handle is jammed and the ashtray won’t reclose. I didn’t notice anything else.

Image from ZK Biler
Image from ZK Biler

Overall it’s a rather appealing bit of motoring history in an unusual level of trim. The engine is 2300 V6. Wikipedia has this to say “The first enlargement of the [Cologne] V6 appeared in 1967. It was the 2,293 cc (2.293 L; 139.9 cu in) with a 90.0 mm (3.54 in) bore and a 60.14 mm (2.368 in) stroke. Output was 108/114 hp (79/84 kW)(Black/Grey valvecover) and 176 N·m (130 lb·ft) or 125 hp (92 kW) and 187 N·m (138 lb·ft) in SuperHighCompression” This engine made it eventually into the Ford Sierra of 1982-1984. I wonder how many of those there are left. It was a serviceable unit, the Cologne V6 but not terribly fuel efficient or refined.

The trim is a high-spec but not quite at Ghia levels of opulence. I doubt there was a great uptake of this level and in this colour combination so I expect you will look hard and long to find a Granada Series 1 with this degree of plutocratic comfort but without a larger and thirstier version of the 2.6 V6.

I had a chance to sit in the car. I noticed the dashboard seemed really close and the seats quite low. One sinks deep into them. The doors shut with a clang. It would take a little gettting used to, to steer one of these about. It’s even more mechanical and metallic than the Opel Senator we had on these pages in February.

The semantics of the graphics are perplexing. Did American design directors instruct German designers to create those crests and florid scripts? Or did American designers at Ford in Merkenich create them? Or did German designers create them unprompted? If you look at German shop fronts from the 50s some still used italic scripts but by the 60s blocky sans-serif fonts were more usual. I am curious as to where the Ford’s imagery came from.

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4 thoughts on “Photo Series: 1976 Ford Granada 2300 V6 GXL”

  1. I didn´t know that was hard to repair but now you come to mention it, I suppose it is; at least costly. The car is a bit overpriced, then isn´t it? Unfortunately five cars up was a mint ’71 Mercedes W-123 2.3 litre for about the same sort of money once import tax and certification were taken into account.

    1. More likely W114/115 if the Merc was from 1971.

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