European Car Sales Increase for 19th Consecutive Month

European car sales rise 11% on strong demand for VW, Renault and FCA.

Car dealers at Goad Cadillac dealership in the 1960s. Image:
Car dealers at Goad Cadillac dealership in the 1960s. Image:

After what has seemed like most of a decade in the doldrums, European sales are growing again. It doesn’t feel like it but the increase in car sales is a trend almost two years old. 11% is quite a remarkable increase and reflects a number of factors, among which are a weak Euro and consumers eventually deciding to replace worn vehicles. The statistics were published by ACEA today.

The report broke down the figures: “In March 2015, demand for new passenger cars in the EU* increased for the nineteenth consecutive month (+10.6%), marking the highest monthly growth since last March and totalling 1,604,107 units. All major markets contributed positively to the overall expansion, especially Spain (+40.5%) and Italy (+15.1%) which posted double-digit growth, followed by France (+9.3%), Germany (+9.0%) and the UK (+6.0%) that also performed better than in March 2014.” Generous rebates also contributed to the change in sales volumes. In parallel,  used car prices are also increasing.

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2 thoughts on “European Car Sales Increase for 19th Consecutive Month”

  1. Wow – what’s going on in Spain … or is it just the fact that it starts from a low base?

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