Personalise Your Appliance

This is a VAG product with some decals applied. 

2015 VW Up dressed as a Friesian cow.
2015 VAG car dressed as a Friesian cow.

A Danish firm, myowncar, offer customers the chance to personalise their vehicles with with their own designs for stickers. This is what happens when you don’t offer enough choice in exterior colours, isn’t it? I would like to see an S-Class so decorated. They need to be personalised too as you could easily lose one in an airport car park.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

10 thoughts on “Personalise Your Appliance”

  1. Citigo or not, I shall think of it as an Up, since it gives me a chance to make **** Up jokes. Really, it’s so inappropriate to see one of VAG’s better styling efforts disfigured by the fridge magnet school of applique humour.

    In the end it’s your choice but my advice is to get your own personality and leave your car alone.

    1. It evaporated once Henrik Fisker began designing grotesque electric cars.

      Another factor might be excessive consumption of gloomy TV detective stories. Surrounding oneself with “funny” items might be seen as a form of compensation for all those hours spent with miserable policemen and -women unravelling gruesome serial murder mysteries.

  2. I think I’ve admitted on these pages before (or maybe it was in another weblife) that, as a kid I had a dreadful desire to accessorise cars. At one point you could buy orange reflective hemispheres, like indicator lenses, to fix to the centre of your hubcaps. And those exterior windscreen visors. And dangly chains. And little triangular stickers that told the world you’d been to Skegness. Oh yes, as a kid I wanted all these my friends.

    But then …. praise The Lord … then, my friends, a veil was lifted from my eyes ….. hallelujah … and I chose the true path of po-faced righteousness. Now my car has no stickers. It doesn’t have a name. No extra chromey bits. It is anonymous. In this I hope I have made amends for my youthful indiscretions.

    Did I mention the stick on bullet-holes you could get with Regent petrol?

  3. It depends on the personalisation. The cow graphics are not intended to add to the design but actually fight it. I don´t mind that at all. What I dislike is when the owner wants to add more car-ness to a complete and integrated design: chrome strips, undersill lights, horrible new bumpers and all that after-market junk. Nobody goes home and re-edits Blade Runner, do they? Why do they think they can “re-edit” a 1997 Opel Vectra or 2003 BMW 318i?

  4. Not that personalising your car is new, but I could say that yes, there is a desire to re-edit Blade Runner. Films that offer you alternative endings seem anathema to me, but some people like to have (or fool themselves they have) control.

    It’s the superficial ‘personalising’ I don’t get. Buying something from one place and sticking it on something you bought from another place does not make it more yours. In depth personalisation (ie customising) I do get more, even if the results can sometimes be questionable.

  5. Well, i am not wanting to look my car like a cow, But if little companies find a lucrative market niche – why not? It is not the privilege of car companies to pray what makes a car more beautiful.
    And such decals are easy to remove. i must admit, i do like race stripes – even on small cars like the Citroen C1 – i wish to see more of such
    I know. It is always a plus to keep a car in its original condition. But this is not a religion for me.
    A Citroen BX equipped with a foldable roof of a Twingo – wonderful!
    For sure there is a lot of rubbish in this market, probably the most of it. i hate those matte colours or chrome wheels on modern cars – but if this is giving somebody more sense in his life, well done.

    I really wonder why there are not more limited editions – car companies are just too conservative in this area. what they were not some years ago.
    I remember quite well a Renault 4 Safari with crazy seats, or a Mercedes 190 Avantgarde with very beautiful colours outside and funny colour-mixes inside. Or the Peugeot Roland Garros models with a wonderful green. Or all those cool Citroen editions, the 2CV James Bond, the GS Basalte, the Visa Carte Noire, BX Digit or some Mazda MX-5 versions.

    Citroen was successful by offering a Pluriel Charleston or a DS3 Racing. cars that are not cheaper than the other versions – but they are unique. If i would like to buy a Pluriel, i would search a Charleston, or a Renault 5 Baccara or a Citroen C2 Sport&Chic or a Mazda MX-5 Mithra.
    So limited editions could be a way to sell more really well equipped cars – and to seduce a customer to buy it now. Perhaps that would be a way to sell more C4 Cactus. This would be a perfect car for cool colour combinations and equipment.

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