Renault are Doing Quite Well

“Renault group revenue increased 13.7% in the first quarter,” they announced here. They are very diligent about sending me this kind of news.

2015 Renault Captur: Renault, Denmark.
2015 Renault Captur: Renault, Denmark.

Offsetting the deteriorating market conditions in Russia and Brazil, Renault group registrations increased 0.8% during the first quarter of 2015, reaching 641,588 vehicles in a worldwide automotive market up 1.7%. Furthermore, during the first quarter of 2015, Renault group registered 641,588 units (+0.8%), posting a stable worldwide market share at 3.0%.

In Europe, where the market increased by 8.9%, Group registrations were up 9.9%, driven by the success of Clio, Captur and Twingo.  Group revenue reached €9,388 million for the quarter, a year-on-year increase of 13.7%, thanks in part to higher sales to partners. As a result of a stronger quarter than expected, the Renault group revised its 2015 outlook for the European automotive market and now forecasts a full-year growth of 5%. Notice that they are strong in smaller cars, with the Laguna nearing the end of its dismal run and the Megane also approaching replacement.

2015 Renault Laguna. Not doing so well: Renault, Denmark
2015 Renault Laguna. Not doing so well: Renault, Denmark

The three small cars,  the Clio (17%), Captur (27%) and Twingo (40%) had double-digit growth in Europe. Dacia also showed improvement. The Sandero is the most popular private car purchase in Spain which says as much as about the state of Spain’s economy as it does about Dacia’s prowess in making and selling cars. It’s the right car at the right time.

A healthier Spanish economy might feature a more luxurious vehicle taking that honour. Ditto Italy where the Clio, they say, is the most popular imported car. I must note that this is a bit of a cheeky claim as the common market means that such sales don’t count as imports.

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9 thoughts on “Renault are Doing Quite Well”

  1. ‘Ditto Italy where the Clio, they say, is the most popular imported car. I must note that this is a bit of a cheeky claim as the common market means that such sales don´t count as imports.’

    Nothing cheeky about it. While import duties may not apply, car markets are still very much dependent on distribution networks in each country, so it makes sense for any car maker to look at things that way.

  2. Renault have gone from offering a range of cars that nobody wanted to buy to offering some cars that some people want to buy. The only way is up.

  3. Is the Twingo with the Smart-philosophy a good idea? Not in my eyes.
    A small car with a thirsty engine and not a really existing boot may work with Smart, but not in a Twingo. Maybe, the much better design compared to the last Twingo will help the sales for some time, but a company with a Renault 4 and a Twingo as frontwheeldrive-icons should not build a cheaper version of the Smart Forfour……
    Renault should believe in its own strength, look at the Captur or build a new Alpine. Not put a Renault sign on a Nissan Qashqai or on Samsung cars.

    Very interesting for me will be the sales numbers of the Renault Espace – the first Espace without Matra-DNA. As Renault i would feel quite uncomfortable…

    1. I agree on all points regarding the Twingo. I wrote elsewhere on these pages about how Renault completely blew the opportunities they had created for themselves with the ‘monospace’ concept that came in three sizes.

      Their re-badging efforts aren’t half as clever but if it allows them to build smarter than Smart cars going to forward then maybe (just maybe) it will be seen as a good thing in the near future – if they haven’t entirely lost their sould already.

      By the way Matra was already of the picture when the Espace mkIV was produced but I guess you could say that it was still true to the spirit of the Espace of 1984, whereas the new one has none of it.

    2. Sorry for the typos, poor grammar and mispelling… I meant to write ‘smarter-than-Smart’ (hypheneted), ‘lost their SOUL’ and ‘Matra was already OUT of the picture’.

  4. I asked several car makers for news feeds. Only Renault responded and their system is efficient and effective. I must note that my request for similar feeds from Subaru UK fell on deaf ears, for example.
    This weekend I have a Clio estate. I will report in due course.

  5. What i do like at Renault is their courage to realise new car concepts and to accept flops.
    The WInd, the Avantime, the Bepop, the electric car fleet – always a lot of fresh air on the car market – but flops. But without them probably we don´t have a Twingo or Scenic…

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