Gorfe’s Granadas: 2.8 Ghia Estate Automatic

Myles Gorfe on some of the highlights of the Ford Granada’s career. In this item, Myles considers one of the 80s’ best load luggers, the 2.8 litre Ghia estate.

1983 Ford Granada it its biggest and best: carandclassic.co.uk
1983 Ford Granada at its biggest and best: carandclassic.co.uk

Forget Volvo estates with their boxy looks. And you can forget Mercedes’ over-priced hearses. The 1977-1985 Granada ticked all the boxes: big, fast, comfortable and well-priced. It had more room than the Volvo 240 and Vauxhall didn’t even offer a serious alternative at any price. Citroen’s CX was a technical disaster on four wheels. Peugeot’s 505 was plain ugly and handled like a tugboat in a storm.

No, the 1983 Ghia 2.8 automatic’s the pick of the bunch. It has a smoother, softer ride and a quieter engine than the 1977 and even if the German-built V6 lacked the toughness of the Essex unit, it was more than enough to beat off Mercedes’ underpowered and pricey 200E and 230E. Nothing comes close to a Granada for style except a Ghia estate. More Granada for the same sort of money.

That´s not a ball room, that´s the rear load bay of the Ford Granada 2.8 Ghia automatic estate.
That’s not a ball room, that’s the rear load bay of the Ford Granada 2.8 Ghia automatic estate.

If you like the look of this, you can get one here at Knightcott Motors, well known in the Grannie trade for their top-drawer Fords.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

8 thoughts on “Gorfe’s Granadas: 2.8 Ghia Estate Automatic”

  1. Gorfey. Old Henry really has got his hooks into you has he not? I mean a eulogy to the Grannie estate is just too much! Fair dos though, point taken entirely re your comments re all the competitors you mentioned, a bunch of Common Market tat if you ask my opinion. Only your case doesn’t stack up cos you missed out a very obvious contender. Fast and good looking the thinking man’s choice back then would undobtedly be Vauxhall’s drop-dead Ventora Estate, the Audi RS6 Avant of its day and a doubt!

  2. Myles Gorfe writes: thanks but no thanks. That rear end looks like it fell off another car. And I can do without Vauxhall’s name fakery. A Victor is a Victor and that makes it a Cortina-class car. The Granada is a cut above.

  3. A Reader Writes :
    Excuse me Gorfey but the Victor and Ventora was one size fits all – Clever old Vauxhall. It was far closer in length to a Granda that a Cor-Tinny (geddit?) so you got real value for money and loads of space just like Vauxhall always gave. And if that rear view doen’t make you feel weak at the knees you’ve got no sole Gorfey.

  4. Myles Gorfe writes: More sales guff from Luton. It was stail then an still is. You’ve got to be joking. And remember, the Victor was gone for years before this Granada was on sale.

  5. A Reader Writes :
    Your confusing the Vauhalls classic shape with being old hat. Not the same thing Gorfey. The glorious FE come out in 72 just like the Granada only the Foxy Vauxy (see what I’m doing there) was designed specific for the discerning UK market where as the Ford had to appeal to every Jean, Helmut and Luigi on the continient. Its like a bit of a parable abouit how the Common Market has ended up eh Gorfey! Go on your own like Vauxhall I say : -)

  6. I would say CX break was great, with longer wheelbase and special rear suspension (payload of around 700kg!). Not to mention, it would out-handle Granada every day 🙂

  7. Hilarious but utterly wrong. Both the CX and the 505 were infinitely better than the gasping old Ford. A bloated barge with a boot so shallow it probably wouldn’t even serve as a hearse.

    1. I will make sure that your views are forwarded to Myles Gorfe. He is currently on indefinite sabbatical leave. We believe he is crossing the UK to visit scrapyards in search of some trim for his own restoration project, a Ford Consul.

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