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DTW Admires Panhard …. Yet Again

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Wim Polman in the Netherlands are offering this very fine 1960 Panhard PL17 described as having original paint and just 19,633 km. Is that possible? Well, although it would be easy to restore bodywork, look at the excellent state of the plastic instrument nacelle. All these details are the things that it is near impossible to restore perfectly on a well-used car, unless you spend disproportionate amounts of money.

So, although €21,950 might seem high and I’d want to know a bit more about its history, I think it unlikely you’d find a better looking early version of this beautifully detailed, 851cc twin, six-seater, Monte Carlo Rally winning French saloon.

View It Here.

4 thoughts on “Theme : Secondhand : Forecourt Temptations 5”

  1. True. When VW T1 Microbuses sell for £50,000, this seems incredibly good value. At times like this, I curse the fact that I live on a London street (and that my bank account doesn’t have a bit more depth). Otherwise, I would buy this straight away.

  2. Given its rarity and an apparently very good state, I don’t think the price is exaggerated. I rarely look for Panhards, but the ones that don’t look like having served as a chicken coop for the last 25 years are always rather on the pricey side.
    I wonder if I’d ever be brave enough to own a Panhard. I find their consequent lightweight design very striking, but I always have the impression that they are rather flimsy and have to be treated with utter care.

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