Theme : Secondhand – Forecourt Temptations 6

DTW Goes Hunting

RR Hunting Car 01

I’ve previously mentioned my fickleness regarding cars. In the morning I fancy a luxury barge, by the afternoon I want a beach buggy. Here is something that fills both criteria, a hunting car built for the King of Morocco by the ever resourceful Sbarro. Continue reading “Theme : Secondhand – Forecourt Temptations 6”

Champagne Supernova

A personal assessment of BMW’s MINI remaster.

If Cool Britannia was a car. Image uncredited.

There’s always been a faint whiff of the tribute band about Oasis, a nagging sense that it was all somewhat better the first time around. Similarly, despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews and its promising technical specification, I came to BMW’s R50 MINI with a sizeable chunk of ambivalence.

However, owing to frequent use of a 2006 MINI Cooper on regular visits home to Ireland, it’s a car I have come to know well, so has more intimate acquaintance with BMW-Rover’s retro recasting brought about an acquiescent change of heart? Continue reading “Champagne Supernova”