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DTW Goes Hunting

RR Hunting Car 01

I’ve previously mentioned my fickleness regarding cars. In the morning I fancy a luxury barge, by the afternoon I want a beach buggy. Here is something that fills both criteria, a hunting car built for the King of Morocco by the ever resourceful Sbarro.

RR Hunting Car 2

It’s being sold by Michael Fröhlich, a dealer who seems to like to look out the distinctive and also has an Adenauer 300 Mercedes, finished in bright red rather than the usual black, that was once the property of the Spanish dictator Franco. Other notables on his list are Pope Paul II’s Lincoln, an early 2CV, a Baroque Angel BMW 501 and its V8 502 brother, a Jaguar engined Land Rover and a Series 1 VW Microbus for EUR 79,850. The market is what it is, but I generally find the Beetle-based Transporter prices astounding.

Herr Fröhlich also has his own automotive sculpture park.

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