More Borgward News

USA Today reported that a Mercedes Benz executive, Ulrich Walker, will oversee the return of Borgward to production after a bit of a gap.

1960 Borgward P100 - was this affordable luxury? Image:
1960 Borgward P100 – was this affordable luxury? Image:

The article reported that Walker’s vision for the car is affordable luxury, which is rather intriguing as this translates as that class of car where there has been the most fatalities in the last few decades: Triumph, Lancia, Rover, Saab, Oldsmobile, for example. Further, mainstream brands that have had products that reached into the affordable luxury sector have been less and less successful. Continue reading “More Borgward News”

Fiat’s New Saloon

For anyone who pines for a Fiat saloon, Fiat has something new.

2016 Fiat Ægea:
2016 Fiat Ægea:

Fiat will unveil their new Ægea saloon at the Istanbul motor show. The car is described as being designed from the outset as a saloon though the one photo they show at their website  does not reveal the appearance of the rear three quarter which is unduly reticent, I would say. The name is a nod the Turkish input to the project and the fact it will be manufactured there. The car is supposed to be a stylistic balance between space efficiency and acceptable looks.

“No compromises” say Fiat about their car which is expected to Continue reading “Fiat’s New Saloon”