Ashtray of the Day: 1955 Ford Thunderbird

I would very much like to have been able to open this ashtray on what I think is a 1955 Ford Thunderbird.

1955 Ford Thunderbird ashtray
1955 Ford Thunderbird ashtray

The ashtray is a sliding tray and I invite readers to inform me if the ashtray is illuminated. I am betting it is not. Despite the chrome finish, it’s a bit small for the job, isn’t it? I think the ashtray needed to be double the width so that neither the driver nor passenger would have to reach too far.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

5 thoughts on “Ashtray of the Day: 1955 Ford Thunderbird”

  1. I don’t know if I have ever admitted this to any of the people here who I also know through the pages of Car’s website, but the Ford Thunderbird reminds me of my life of petty crime. In 1977, I was browsing the car section of Foyles Bookshop in Charing Cross Road and came across a copy of Thunderbird! (note exclamation mark!), being the illustrated history of that vehicle. itemised year by year. It was a fine book but, as an import, beyond my youthful budget at £16.99 – a lot back then. It had obviously been there a long time and the hand written price sticker had frayed so that, with my thumbnail, I could remove the ‘1’, bringing the price to £6,99, which I could just scrape up. I am still rather ashamed of myself though, in mitigation, the Victorian way in which Foyles was run in those days (staff weren’t trusted to take money, they wrote you out a little bill which you took to a cashier in a booth, who marked it paid allowing you to return and pick up your goods) almost made me feel justified in this. I still have the book and, at one time, might well have been able to confirm if this was a ’55 ‘Bird without looking it up. But I’ve forgotten all those nuances, and I’m not near to my ‘library’ at present.

    Well, I’m glad I got that off my chest. Come and get me Copper, if you’re man enough!

  2. At the risk of appearing to be a nerd I have to comment that the picture shows a 1956 T Bird with a nonstandard radio. The chrome ash tray is also non standard as it should be the same colour as the section its mounted in.
    The clues are in the steering wheel rim which has groves in it with wide spacing where the 55 groves were closely spaced and on the lower half. This 56 was the first in the U.S with a recessed three spoke safety wheel as opposed to the previous year two spoke affair.
    As to the ash tray light I doubt it was lit as the interior light with adjacent switch was mounted just above the tray so that would have sufficed, The car is also an automatic.
    I too do not remember some details but upon seeing the nonstandard radio thought it would be fun to do some research.

  3. We are nerds here, yes. Thanks dgate for correcting that. I like it that people care enough to share their knowledge! I am disappointed about the ashtray not being lit. If you think about Fitt´s Law, a light would allow better hand-eye co-ordination as the target would be clearer.

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