Theme : Evolution – The Missing Links 1

For those of you who remember Car’s now lost Forum pages, we make no apologies if we sometimes revive themes from them.

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One day you wake up and notice how much everything has changed. Did they do it whilst you were asleep? Likely not, you just weren’t paying attention. So it is with automotive design – changes happen, genres appear and a simple history is confected. But often the actual genesis is more complex, and credit, or otherwise, is given to the wrong people. Continue reading “Theme : Evolution – The Missing Links 1”

Other VW News: The Phaeton Is Axed From The UK Market

Autocar reported this on the 4th of June but VW’s corporate website is strangely silent on this historic event.

Austrian politician Joerg Haider´s Phaeton: Daily
Austrian politician Joerg Haider´s Phaeton: Daily

They report the Stefan Sielaff is to become the new head of design at Bentley and that Scania is to test electrically powered trucks in real-life conditions. The UK car industry’s trade body the SMMT reported that 31 Phaetons had been registered in 2014, which if anything means they are rather exclusive. Autocar’s Steve Cropley posted a rueful blog on the topic, noting how Ferdinand Piëch summoned journalists to Finland to compare the four-wheel drive Phaeton with the Mercedes S-class and BMW 7 series. The rear wheel drive cars didn’t cope so well in the icy conditions but the journalists refused to Continue reading “Other VW News: The Phaeton Is Axed From The UK Market”

Bentley Has A New Design Chief; Luc Donckerwolke Leaves

VW Media Services reports that Stefan Sielaff is to take over as design chief following the departure of Luc Donckerwolke.

Luc Donckerwolke:
Luc Donckerwolke:

Sielaff will be a busy chap as he as also responsible for VW group’s interior design strategy. Of the two jobs, perhaps that is the most challenging as requires finding imaginative ways to justify the price differentials between VW’s many brands. Sielaff starts at Bentley in July. Donckerwolke was only at Bentley for three years meaning that for much of his tenure he was watching the work of his predecessor being released while his own efforts will be launched with Sielaff occupying his former post. Donckerwolke Continue reading “Bentley Has A New Design Chief; Luc Donckerwolke Leaves”