A photo for Sunday – 1982 Nissan Cherry

There used to be a lot more of these sorts of cars in Denmark a decade ago.

1982 Nissan Cherry
1982 Nissan Cherry

Now they are rarer but here is a running and non-museum quality daily driver. I find such cars a puzzle as they are so unrelentingly charmless. What is about the car that means the driver keeps it going when a 12 year old Focus or 14 year old Polo can be had for about two weeks wages? Continue reading “A photo for Sunday – 1982 Nissan Cherry”

Gorfe’s Granadas: 1975 Ford Granada Ghia Coupé

Nobody did styling the way Ford did in the ’70s, writes Myles Gorfe, associate editor.

1975 Ford Granada Ghia X coupe
Associate editor, Myles Gorfe, recalls another of Ford’s great Granadas. the 1975 Ford Granada Ghia coupe.

Every car seemed to smash the sweet spot in customers’ affections: Cortina, Escort, Fiesta and Granada, huge successes all. Among Ford’s line-up of glamorous large cars, none had as much sparkle and shine as the legendary Granada Ghia coupé. This car wasn’t the only coupé in the line-up. They also had a “standard” two-door saloon. Ford then offered this rakish fast-back, inspired by Italian style and carrying the noble Ghia badge which was more than just a trim variant back then but a step-up into a new level of comfort and elegance. (That standard two-door was not sold in the UK though, making my example even more special). Continue reading “Gorfe’s Granadas: 1975 Ford Granada Ghia Coupé”