Theme : Evolution – The Missing Links 5

The Classy Looking 4×4

The 1946 Version
The 1946 Version

Of course, this is no obscurity to most of our American Readers (both North and South) but we in the UK do tend to imagine that we elevated the 4WD from the farm to the polo fields with the first Range Rover. Actually, the first Rangie was admirably austere and, if it’s social climbing you’re looking for, designer/showman Brooke Stevens’s 1946 Willys Jeep Station Wagon gave new life to the ubiquitous wartime military vehicle. Continue reading “Theme : Evolution – The Missing Links 5”

Gorfe’s Granadas: 1973 Ford Consul

Assistant-editor Myles Gorfe looks at another milestone in the annals of the Granada.

Hot to trot - the 1973 Ford Consul, a Granada by another name:
Hot to trot – the 1973 Ford Consul, a Granada by another name:

In 1972 Ford pulled off what many thought was impossible. They managed to create a car that was even better and more popular than the UK-market Zephyr and the German market ‘bahnstormer, the Ford P7 cars, known as the Taunus. That 1972 car became, after a little bit of uncertainty, the Granada. Continue reading “Gorfe’s Granadas: 1973 Ford Consul”

Is This News Then?

It’s Linda Jackson again, CEO of Citroën. More half-baked ideas.

More fun for Citroen, with a new Mehari:
More fun for Citroen, with a new Mehari:

 In March we learned from Jackson that Citroëns are to be sold on style not price. Today’s news is that while planning to cut Citroën’s model ranges down to seven most important body-styles by 2020, one of them will be inspired by the Mehari, a less than practical 2CV variant with plastic cladding. Why? To make Citroën “fun”, says Jackson. So now we can add this to “style” as the main attractions of Citroën . Continue reading “Is This News Then?”