Theme : Evolution – The Missing Links 5

The Classy Looking 4×4

The 1946 Version
The 1946 Version

Of course, this is no obscurity to most of our American Readers (both North and South) but we in the UK do tend to imagine that we elevated the 4WD from the farm to the polo fields with the first Range Rover. Actually, the first Rangie was admirably austere and, if it’s social climbing you’re looking for, designer/showman Brooke Stevens’s 1946 Willys Jeep Station Wagon gave new life to the ubiquitous wartime military vehicle.

The construction is actually all painted steel, but the Faux Woodie look was a clever way of adding strength to simple flat steel panel pressings. Although replaced by the Wagoneer in North America in the mid Sixties, a variant lived on in Brazil until 1981.

And a version from nearly 20 years later - Click for more photos
And a version from nearly 20 years later.

3 thoughts on “Theme : Evolution – The Missing Links 5”

    1. Yes, a very nice review and from a time, or a magazine, whose journalists didn’t think it necessary to indulge themselves with the largest engined, highest specced option of anything they had on long-term test (or maybe in the US, they think of 4,500 miles as a ride round the block). Also, as a postcript to the review, it’s always salutary to read of a trumpeted new technological solution (Spicer V-Drive offering 4WD for all) that disappeared into obscurity. After your recommendation, and being too busy (read disorganised) to seek out a stockist, I’ve finally ordered this month’s C&D online with a view to maybe subscribing.

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